Not buying entire hate-crazed attack of right


To the Editor:

Republicans, stop blaming Romney because he is behind in the polls. And stop blaming Paul Ryan, the campaign management, the liberal media, the unfair fact-checkers and the skewered polls. The real problem is the product you are offering.
The American people do not want to see Social Security privatized; Medicare turned into a voucher program; Medicaid gutted, Pell grants, food stamps, environmental protections and funding for women's health care eliminated to give further tax breaks to the wealthiest few.
They don't buy the part about Obama hating the U.S., and sympathizing with terrorists, cutting $750 billion from seniors Medicare, putting death panels in the health care bill, instigating class warfare and being divisive. They aren't buying the Kenyan values, or the birther smear or the constant filibustering and obstructing. They aren't signing on to the Hitler and Stalin comparisons, and they aren't buying into the notion that government help is fine for big oil companies but communism and socialism is given to the middle class.
And they don't think multimillionaires should pay less a percent of income taxes than their secretaries.
In short, Americans are not buying the entire hate-crazed attack the right wing is making on the nation's first black president, often while waving flags and carrying crosses.
Do Republicans understand? It's not the packaging. It's not the
marketing, and it's not the merchandising. It's the product.
As one marketing manager finally realized, "The problem with our dog food is the dogs don't like it!"

Charles Lawrence


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I agree 100% Romney has nothing to offer the lower and middle class. He already says he will support Israel and start a war with Iran. Great, that is just what we need is another Republican War in the middle east..... they say it's for peace and to kill terrorists, I believe the main reason is the oil fields and personal interests. Remember Bush's vendetta against Saddam. Why are we still losing people and spending billions in Afghanastan? Obama wants to bring the troops home, but I'm sure Romney would keep them there longer.

The connection with Republicans and the big companies and the big oil is disgusting, and border line corrupt. The interest in the elite upper class is morally wrong considering they can support themselves no matter what shape the economy is in.

The rich are not creating jobs! That theory is flawed. So back to the drawing board. But, Romney is old school Republican that the rich are the answer so lets keep the tax breaks flowing for them so they can get even richer.

Since there are a lot more lower and middle class than the 1% or so , wouldn't it make sense to strengthen those people to improve the economy?

Obama has had only 4 years to fix 8 years of the Bush's (the worst duo of presidents ever!). It will take another 4 years to really make a difference and finish turning the ship if you will.

Another thing about the president is he cares. He cares about people, he cares about the

environment, he has passion and sympathy.

If Romney gets in you can forget the environment!!! Our country soon would be as polluted as China!!!!! Our precious west coast land which have been protected for decades would soon be mined, drilled, and tainted. Where as Obama knows it takes time, and the road is long, but he is slowly getting those windmill fields built, the solar fields built, forcing the car manufactures to increase mpg which we all know the technology is there but big oil doesn't want to see that !

Do I like to see the national debt keep rising, of course not. I also think some of the spending is out of control such as free cell phones for people (what purpose does that serve?) Cell phones are not a neccessity.

But, all in all the better choice if Obama. The Republicans would be wise if they would just lean a letter to the left. Soften their stand on being anti-environment, soften their stand on screwing the low and middle class, stop being so pro-war, etc..

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sometimes, it is better to stand silent and look the part of a fool, than open your mouth and confirm it. Times two. My Daddy taught me to never argue with a crazy person...nuff said.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The lies continue.....Charles Lawrence, you are a dope or you are lying. Of course you could be both. Romney isn't calling for privatizing Soc security or medicare. They would be options for people that can handle their own finances. Both systems are going broke. What is Obama's solution? Nothing. Everyone knows they have to be cut for future recipients. As far as 'inheriting' Bush's mess....again your facts are wrong. He inherited a 5 trillion dollar deficit and has ballooned it to 16 trillion. He has not passed a budget in 3 years. He has run over a trillion dollar deficit every year of his presidency. No end in sight.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Charles Lawrence: Spoken like a true life-long Rhode Islander. Record high gas prices. High unemployment. Anemic 1.3% GDP growth. Pending tax hikes to pay for 146 million people on food stamps. 136,000 more federal employees than when he took office. Astronomical deficit in just three and a half years, and the national apologist. And in your tortured analysis, you did manage to mention that the Messiah is the "...first black president." That ceased to be relevant the day he took office, not that it would matter to a state population that has the second lowest median adult education level in New England.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012