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To the Editor:
I would like to respond to the individual who asked the question, “Why does John Howell allow this idiot, meaning me, to have his letters printed in the Warwick Beacon?” on the Beacon website.
When I was a young man this type of hatred would have bothered me, but today it simply makes me realize how sad the world has become. In my 68 years of life, this idiot has probably accomplished more then the individual who used that term to refer to me. In 2010 I wrote a book describing my time in Iraq as a combat journalist. I was called many more hateful names than simply an idiot by those who did not agree with me, and yet I am still here and still writing about what I believe. And I don’t hide behind some ridiculous web-inspired name, I proudly use my God given name. It does not take any courage to hide behind a pseudo name and cast dispersions on another’s intelligence; any coward can do that.
So in closing perhaps the individual who has so bravely insulted me incognito should perhaps read and follow the old adage, “It is better to be thought a fool, then to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.” Mr. Howell, thank you for allowing me to express my opinions, something our former alleged president seemed to have great difficulty with.

John Cervone
Combat Veteran
Vietnam and Operation Iraqi Freedom
North Providence


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Dear John,

Thank you for bluntly and accurately describing the cowards who use fake names.

Thank you also for your long-term combat service.

Rick Corrente

Tuesday, March 7

You are indeed the brave one. These nameless do-nothings - sit in their parents basements with nothing but Communist opinions - are not brave. They rudely call people idiots because they have no valid, intelligent, worthwhile opinions themselves. Let nit only do they not serve this wonderful country: they hate our country and should just leave. We would be better without them.

Wednesday, March 8

I don't understand why John Howell would post a retort to an opinion that just calls somebody else in idiot. That is not an opinion

Wednesday, March 8