Our nation is crumbling


To the Editor:

Just a glance at the nightly news and it’s official ... if you’re a law-abiding citizen, you’d better get out of the way of savages who have contempt for your right to live and move around freely.

Our nation and society is changing, “crumbling” if you will, and not for the better.

Recently, I’ve read where many families have moved into gated communities that protect residents from the “world” outside the gates.

I’ve watched merchants and shop owners pulling down and locking metal screens outside their shops at the end of the day, hoping that will safeguard their goods overnight.

I remember a different time not so long ago, when it was the bad guys who were herded behind gates and screens so that the good guys could walk the streets without fearing for their safety and lives!

How in heaven did we get to a point where it all got turned “upside down,” where it’s now the good guys go into hiding?

Quite frankly, the reason is a “failure” to teach right from wrong in families and homes. Our schools have also compromised in teaching this message. Kids are growing up with a warped sense of “Wrong is Right!” Television, smart phones and social media tells us, “You go around only once, so grab all the gusto you can.” This moral breakdown is directly the cause of this once great nation’s decay and crumbling.

Another way of putting it might be, “We the People,”reap whatever we sow, and right now the seeds of “Political Correctness” are yielding a very bitter toxic harvest! “Wake up, America,” there is still time to reverse it!

Richard D. Walsh

East Greenwich


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Hi Richard. This happened in NYC about 30 yrs ago. The savages took over little by little and now they only have themselves to kill. We are at the point of being over run and will soon be a minority and then we will have something to fear. The political correct response from the police and these idiots in office is to move away. Do not stand your ground as we only protect the down trodden - you should run away. My mothers home was robbed 3 times and my dad jumped twice...the police reply...You should move away". If you ever run for office you have my vote.


John Cervone

Retired - US Army

Combat Veteran - OIF 2007 - 2008

: - )

Friday, April 11, 2014