Our nation’s insanity


To the Editor:

On a recent drive down a major Rhode Island highway, I passed a billboard that read: “Be the voice for those who have no voice – The Giant Turtle!” Has this nation gone insane? Imagine, we should stand up for the turtles but it’s OK to “kill” the babies. I’m afraid this once great nation has lost its soul and is on a slippery slope to damnation.

The Old Testament in the Bible validates many events where God’s wrath will come down on nations that don’t obey God’s laws. “We the People” of this nation better wake up, pray and ask for God’s mercy before it is too late!

Richard D. Walsh

East Greenwich


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The difference, Mr. Walsh, is that I am unaware of anyone or any group that deliberately kills turtles. Nor is there a lobbying group that advocates for the "right" to kill turtles. And finally, when a turtle is injured, we do everything in our power to save it and nurse it back to health instead of throwing pieces of the turtle into any convenient dumpster. We do not, however, seek out healthy turtles and cut them into pieces in the paradoxical name of "turtle health".

Saturday, December 7, 2013