Pilgrim freshman's poem earns props from pro poet


She may not know if she wants to become a poet, but Pilgrim freshman Charlotte Frost certainly has the name for it, and now she also has the distinction of writing a poem that was recognized and declared as exceptional by acclaimed New York City native slam poet Taylor Mali.

Frost crafted her poem as the result of an exercise in writing poetry in Brian Callahan's freshman English class. He purchased a set of poetry concept dice that were created by Mali through a kickstarter. The dice feature concepts, objects and an adjective, and when rolled together they create opportunities for metaphorical concepts that can sprout into poetry.

When Mali posed a challenge on his Facebook page to have students write poems based on the role of the dice, he posed it as an assignment to his approximately 55 students. Frost rolled "Happiness, Songbird and Small Town" in her roll, and wrote an ensuing poem called "Happiness."

Callahan sent the poem to Mali, who chose it on June 6 as the winner of the contest. Frost received a personalized, handwritten poem from Mali himself as a result, which she said modestly "dumbfounded" her, as she didn't think much of her poem at all.

Callahan, on the other hand, believes Frost could become an amazing poet – and not just because of her name.

"She uses end rhymes but in a sophisticated way that is not typical of novice poets," he said. "The creativity that comes out of these kids is so powerful."


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Congratulations Charlotte Frost for making Warwick attractive to students and families from other communities. Your accomplishment may attract some new residents/students/families/=taxpayers. The more taxpayers Warwick adds to our numbers, the less taxes we all need to pay.

Thanks for doing more than your part and again, congratulations! I hope you go on to greatness.

Happy Summer Charlotte.

Happy Summer everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Friday, June 22, 2018

There once was a mayoral candidate

Who went on and on 'bout the tax rate

He'd post and he'd post

And he'd brag and he'd boast

But never connected to the electorate.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Dear Justanidiot,

You have turned to poetry.

Awesome! PLUS, your poetry spelling is perfect. Another plus.

One correction: "But he never connected with the electorate". Respectfully, I did! I received 13,278 votes. That's more than any other Avedisian opponent EVER! Stay tuned old friend for the upcoming election. I will still go "on and on 'bout the tax rate." Taxes in Warwick are higher than any other city or town in Rhode Island in my opinion, and being a mortgage banker for over 40 years I have seen thousands of appraisals from every corner of Rhode Island. Warwick lost over 5,800 taxpayers in the last ten years because Avedisian raised taxes EVERY year for 18 years in a row! No other town or city had that problem. Then I came around and put a stop to it, campaigning for over 700 days in a row; spending over $40,000 of my own money. I rallied the 80,000 taxpayers that are paying the tab and IT WORKED! But that was then. This is now, and acting Mayor Solomon just gave Warwick the largest tax increased allowed by law! The rally must continue, and Justanidiot, it will. The political insiders hate me, but the taxpayers love me and have given me the nickname "The Taxpayers Mayor"

I know that in order for Warwick to catch up to Cranston (Yes, it's true. Cranston is now the second most populated city), we NEED to attract more taxpayers! We need to "Cut Taxes - Cut Spending", just like Cranston did. The political insiders HATE that idea. They just want to "Tax-And-Spend", but have you ever read ANY Warwick legislation that was worth the money it cost the Warwick taxpayer? No? Neither have I.

If the votes come from the "political insiders" I will loose the upcoming election. If the votes come from the "taxpayers", I can't loose! I believe you are in that second category. Am I right?

Happy Summer old friend.

Happy Summer everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Rick, the only person IN THE ENTIRE CITY who has ever given you the nickname "the taxpayers mayor" is yourself. The irony in that is YOU AREN'T EVEN A TAXPAYER. As we know Clay Shackleton (landlord of your current campaign headquarters) paid your taxes for you in both 2014 and 2015. Whats even more troubling? 1 year ago Rick was referring to the City Council as "the taxpayers City Council". He must not have felt they were all "political insiders" then....again, just ONE YEAR AGO!!!

This all speaks to how delusional and mentally unwell Rick Corrente really is. I mean, its seriously becoming a glaring problem. Imagine claiming credit for something the entire city knows you had nothing to do with. Rick Corrente has as much to do with last years budget, as he had to do with the moon landing. ZERO.

I find it interesting Rick Corrente is using the term "political insider" to describe Joe Solomon. This is funny to me because on Wednesday November 16th 2016 after Joe Solomon was elected City Council President Rick Corrente took to this comment board to write:

"Congratulations Joe!

You've earned the distinction"- Rick Corrente

Why wasn't Rick Corrente calling Joe Solomon a political insider then? Probably the same reason ONE YEAR AGO Rick was calling Warwicks City Council "the hardest working City Council Warwick has ever had" and referring to them as "the taxpayers city council". He is a lying hypocrite, who would stab anyone in the back for his own gain. There are MANY MORE examples of Corrente praising Solomon, I've barely scratched the surface and all articles/comments are available on this website.

Rick Corrente couldn't say enough nice things about Joe Solomon last election. So whats changed? The only thing to change is that Joe Solomon is now running for Mayor against Rick Corrente. Rather than acknowledge Joe is a better, more qualified and experienced candidate, Rick Corrente is grasping at straws with this "insider" line. It's obvious there is no such thing as "too low" for Rick Corrente. These sleazy campaign tactics by the tax delinquent, failure will once again be overwhelmingly rejected by HONEST, hard working, taxpayers (as in people who actually pay their taxes Rick).

Why hasn't Rick responded to his glowing praise of Joe Solomon in the past?

Why can't he tell voters what line items (spending) he'll cut? Or how much his plans will cost?

It's not because he's saving the answers for day 1 in office. The truth is its because he has no answers.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Aside from his capacity to humiliate and debase himself, Scal, the make-believe mayor has proven nothing about himself. He keeps repeating lies about the city's population, his impact on the FY18 budget [which was actually nonexistent], and how anyone else has ever referred to him by his fake title.

In the end. though, no matter how much effort he expends ignoring facts, there will soon be one fact that he will not be able to spin or twist: The results of the Democratic primary, which will end in another humiliating defeat for him.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mr. Corrente,

This is a story about the academic accomplishment of a Warwick student, my student. If you want to sincerely congratulate Charlotte then please do so. Do not take her accomplishment as an opportunity to grandstand for yourself.

Thank you.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Thank you, misfreeze, for showing the make-believe mayor that you do not appreciate his continued attempts to turn the admirable accomplishments of our students into political statements.

He has frequently and shamelessly used honor roll and other articles in a similar fashion, trying to say that they will be some type of tax revenue generator for the city.

Our students should not be used as political pawns by a past election loser who has found no better use of his time than using this website for free campaign advertising.

I hope you will join the thousands of honest, taxpaying voters who reject his candidacy again because of exactly this kind of pathetic behavior.

Monday, July 2, 2018