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A pair of sisters recently found themselves in hot water after one of them was involved in a suspected shoplifting incident at the Bald Hill Road Walmart.

On December 13 around 11:50 a.m., Officer Stephen Major was dispatched to the store where he met with a member of the Loss Prevention team. There he was advised that a suspect, later identified as Holly Frye, 46, of 373 Pequot Avenue in Warwick, was detained in the Loss Prevention office.

Frye was observed looking around suspiciously in the Women’s Department, where she selected several clothing and jewelry items that were then concealed in bags she had brought into the store. She proceeded past all points of sale without attempting to pay and exited through the front of the building. She was stopped outside by security and asked to return inside, where 25 items totaling $196.36 were recovered. The store then indicated they wished to prosecute.

As Officer Major attempted to gather personal information from Frye, her sister, later identified as Deborah Pisaturo, 49, of 10 Terrace Drive in West Greenwich, became extremely belligerent. According to the report, Pisaturo started screaming at the officer that she “had every right to be in the Loss Prevention office,” which she did not.

Pisaturo was continuously asked by the officer to vacate the area, but continued to scream in a high-pitched voice, which disturbed business and caused customers to walk away from the area. She then yelled at the officer to provide his badge number, the name of the officer in charge and their phone number, which were provided to her. 

Eventually, members of the Walmart staff asked Pisaturo to leave the Loss Prevention office. She took four steps to the customer service area and began screaming at the top of her lungs that she was “gonna stay there and not leave” and continued to disturb business. She was advised on three separate occasions that the officer was conducting a criminal investigation and if her behavior continued she would be placed under arrest.

Each time, Pisaturo continued to yell and scream, and on the third occasion she charged at Officer Major and screamed in his face. He advised her that she was being placed under arrest, and the officer grabbed her right arm and attempted to place her in handcuffs. At that time Pisaturo became “dead weight” and fell to the floor and laid out flat, claiming she had hurt her ankle.

Officer Major then stood over her and requested that she stand up and be properly handcuffed. Pisaturo stated she was sorry for yelling and screaming and hoped to not be arrested. She was advised that she was still under arrest and again asked to stand. Other members of the department arrived on scene, and Pisaturo eventually stood without assistance. She was then handcuffed and placed in a police cruiser, as was Frye.

At the station, Fry was charged with one count of misdemeanor and was held as a probation violator. Pisaturo was processed and released with a court summons for one count of obstructing an officer in execution of duty and disorderly conduct.


Officer Joseph DeDonato responded to a Fair Street residence on December 27 around 7:17 a.m. in reference to a larceny of Christmas decorations.

The officer spoke with the victim, who stated sometime during the overnight hours someone removed his Star Shower laser light display, valued at around $40, from the front lawn of his residence. He indicated that whoever took the display came onto his property to disconnect it from the extension cord.

At this time there are no suspects or witnesses.


Officer Jason Cooke was dispatched to the area of West Shore Road and Brett Court on December 23 to take a vandalism report.

He spoke with the victim at the scene, who stated she was driving westbound on West Shore Road between George Arden Road and Brett Court when she heard a loud bang. She looked to her right and noticed that her front passenger window was smashed in. She told the officer that she immediately pulled over and did not hit anything or collide with any objects. She also didn’t see anybody walking in the area that may have caused the damage.

Officer Cooke observed the damage and noted that there was a small hole that appeared to cause the window to spider. No evidence was found inside the vehicle that looked like the cause of the damage. A search of the immediate area was also inconclusive.

There are currently no suspects or witnesses, and a written statement was entered into records. The victim was able to drive the vehicle from the scene.


While on patrol on December 22 at approximately 8:26 a.m., Officer Aaron Steere observed a Honda traveling faster than the posted limit on Interstate 95 south. He then used his dash-mounted radar to determine that the car was traveling between 75 to 80 miles per hour in a 55-mile per hour zone.

After conducting a traffic stop near exit 8, contact was made with the driver, identified as Massiell Arias, 23, of 34 Atlantic Avenue in Providence, who was advised of the reason for the stop. Background checks were then conducted, which revealed that Arias’ license had been suspended for failure to pay.

Arias was issued a District Court summons for a first offense of driving on a suspended license and a Municipal Court summons for speeding 10 miles over the limit.


On December 20 around 11:48 a.m., Officer Paul Wells was traveling behind a 2006 Lexus with temporary plates that displayed an expiration date of November 27.

After initiating a traffic stop, Officer Wells met with the operator of the vehicle, identified as Sylvia Benedetti, 51, of 100 Elena Street, Apt. 807, in Cranston. Benedetti said she was on her way to pick up her new registration at her dealership.

A check revealed that the vehicle was not yet registered. Additional background checks also found an active bench warrant for Benedetti from the Sixth District Court.

Benedetti was arrested, handcuffed and transported to police headquarters. She was processed and later transported to court.



Officer Walter Larson and other members of the department were dispatched to the area of Toll Gate Road and Commonwealth Avenue on December 24 in reference to a DUI in progress. En route to the area, they were advised that an apparent intoxicated driver of a Ford truck was all over the roadway and swerving.

State Police relayed through dispatch that the reporting party had witnessed the vehicle traveling erratically and had pulled over to the side of the road before the Route 95 North on-ramp on Centerville Road before continuing towards West Warwick. The witness stated that the truck had nearly caused several accidents.

Officer Larson proceeded to the scene with his cruiser’s lights and siren activated, and he caught up with the vehicle on Centerville Road by Tampa, where a stop was conducted. The officer approached from the passenger’s side and observed two empty Modelo beer bottles in the rear of the car under the driver’s seat.

The driver, identified as Joel Rodriguez, 29, of 73 Robbins Street in Waltham, Mass., was asked to roll down the car’s window, and upon doing so the officer observed a strong odor of alcohol emanating from within. Rodrigues was also observed having bloodshot eyes and a flushed face and spoke in a slurred manner.

Rodriguez told the officer he went to a “woman’s club,” later determined to be Fantasies, and that he was heading home towards “Waltown” which the officer believed was Watertown. While they were speaking, the truck began to roll forward, and Rodriguez was told to put the vehicle into park and turn the engine off.  He was then asked to submit to a series of standardized sobriety tests, which he agreed to take.

Based on Officer Larson’s experience and interactions with Rodriguez, it was determined that he was unfit to safely operate a motor vehicle. He was arrested and transported to police headquarters, where he later refused to take a chemical breathalyzer test. Rodriguez was issued a court summons for driving under the influence, refusal to submit to a chemical breathalyzer test, and operating a motor vehicle with an open alcohol container.


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Ms. Pisaturo is either in need of proper medication, or is off the meds she already has.

Her sister should have told her at some point, "You're not helping!".

Saturday, January 7, 2017