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On February 7 at 5:47 p.m., dispatch advised of a reported motor vehicle accident near 99 Veterans Memorial Drive near the police headquarters. They indicated that a dark SUV had struck a light pole and continued toward West Shore Road. Shortly thereafter, another party called to advise that a bumper had fallen off in the vicinity of West Shore Road and Long Street with its New Hampshire plate still attached. The vehicle was later found at the Lockwood Condominiums on West Shore Road.

Officer Christopher Cote, along with other members of the department, arrived on scene to find the vehicle had been shut off and there was a male operator, later identified as William Silva, 28, of 51 King Arthur Drive in Richmond, in the driver’s seat. The officers observed damage to the car’s undercarriage and that its front bumper was missing. There also appeared to be parts of a street sign stuck under the car.

Silva was asked to exit the vehicle and, according to the report, he said that he had made a mistake. He indicated he was having a rough day because he had found that his friend had committed suicide. While speaking with the officers, Silva reached down towards his pocket, and officers then asked if he had any weapons on his person and patted him down. According to the report, Officer Cote felt the suspect’s right front pocket and felt what appeared to be a spoon and syringe, which from his training he believed was associated with drug use. When asked if he had any drugs on him, Silva advised that he didn’t have any left because he had just “shot up.” He was asked to remove the spoon and syringe, which he did. The syringe appeared to be empty and Silva denied having any other drugs on his person.

Background checks were then run, where it was discovered that Silva had an active bench warrant for his arrest. Officers conducted a search of the vehicle, which they also photographed to record the damage, and attempted to obtain identifying documents from Silva’s wallet. Although no driver’s license was located, two small baggies were found inside. One bag later tested positive for amphetamines, the other later tested positive for cocaine. His car was later towed from the scene.

Silva was arrested and transported to police headquarters, where he was charged with felony possession of schedule I-V narcotics and operating without a license. He was then held for the outstanding warrants.


Officer Stephen Moretti met with a complainant in police headquarters on February 8 around 6:09 p.m. for a report of a larceny from a vehicle.

The woman told the officer that she arrived at the Bald Hill Road Target around 4:45 p.m. and parked her car in the store’s lot. When she returned to the vehicle an hour later she found that her brown Michael Kors bag containing her company laptop, valued around $700, was missing. The victim also stated that her car must have been unlocked as there was no damage. She was advised to provide the laptop’s serial number for the report, which she stated she would do. Currently, there are no suspects or witnesses.


On February 6 around 11:13 a.m., Officer Albert Marano was dispatched to Remy Circle. There he met with a resident who stated that around 10 a.m. that morning he went to his shed to find that it was partially open. He then looked inside to find his Husqvarna lawn mower and gas powered leaf blower, with a combined value of approximately $550, were missing. The shed was unlocked at the time of the larceny and there was nothing for detectives to process. There are currently no suspects or witnesses, but the man wishes to press charges if one is found.


While on patrol on February 10 around 4:51 p.m., Officer Walter Larson was dispatched to the Bald Hill Road Walmart in reference to a shoplifting report with a suspect in custody.

Upon arrival, Officer Larson met with a member of the store’s loss prevention team. She advised the officer that she had observed a suspect, later identified as Jessica Gianfrancesco, 29, of 126 Garden Street, second floor in Cranston, walk into the store’s arts and crafts section where she selected scissors, markers and threading needles. She then allegedly proceeded to the kids department, where she obtained a pair of pants and a t-shirt. She was then observed concealing the items in her purse and jacket before leaving the store without attempting to pay.

According to the report, outside of the store Gianfrancesco was approached by security and willingly returned into the store, where $141.71 worth of merchandise was recovered. Security advised the officer that they would like to have Gianfrancesco no trespassed from the store. She was then placed under arrest and transported to police headquarters, where it was later discovered that she has an active Third Court bench warrant for failure to appear. She was issued a court summons for misdemeanor shoplifting, and then transported to the ACI to be held for the warrant.


While traveling southbound on Warwick Avenue on February 4 just prior to 2 a.m., Officer Ali Jaafar observed a vehicle weaving in and out of its lane and sporadically crossing into the oncoming traffic lane. He also observed that the car’s taillight was broken and initiated a traffic stop.

Upon approaching the vehicle he met with the driver. Identified as Elio Simas, 33, of 79 Hamlin Street in Providence, he was observed by the officer to have a flushed red face, severely bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and a smell of alcoholic beverages emanating from his car, according to the report. The officer noted that as he approached the vehicle Simas was drinking a Monster energy drinking rapidly in what appeared to be an attempt to conceal the odor of alcohol. Officer Jafaar also observed that Simas had a very strong scent of cologne emanating from him.

When asked where he was coming from, Simas stated he had just dropped off some friends as they were at Mardi Gras bar in Cranston for the night. He also later informed officers that he was kicked out of the establishment due to his behavior.

Simas was asked to step out of his car and conduct a series of standardized sobriety tests, which he agreed to. Based on the officer’s experience and training and his interaction with Simas, it was determined that he was unfit to safely operate a motor vehicle according to the report. He was searched prior to his arrest, where an empty cologne sampler was found in his pocket, which was believed to be used by Simas prior to the officer approaching the vehicle in an attempt to mask the smell of alcohol.

Simas was transported to police headquarters, where he later refused to take a chemical breathalyzer test. He was charged with driving under the influence first offence, refusal to submit to a chemical test, laned roadway violations and tail light required. He was later picked up by a sober adult.


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You've gotta love dopes like Simas- weak attempts to mask his obvious intoxication and volunteering information about his behavior and prior activities.

Friday, February 24