Police Log - Stolen video games



On Thursday, October 26 at approximately 2:50 p.m., Warwick Police arrested Christian Muralles, 19, for shoplifting video games at the Target store on Bald Hill Road.

He is charged with one count of shoplifting and one count of weapons other than firearms prohibited.

A Target Loss Prevention officer saw Muralles put video games into a Target bag from the crafts/party section of the store, then walk to the men’s section to reportedly discreetly transfer the games from the bag to his black back pack. The loss prevention officer watched the shoplifter pass all points of sale and exit the building. He then identified himself to Muralles outside the store, when the assailant charged at him hit him in the head with his elbow. Then, Muralles reportedly pulled out a knife and started running through the parking lot.

Officers were dispatched to the Target while the shoplifting was in progress and upon arrival Antuono ran out of the store toward the nearby Longhorn Steakhouse. Detective Sergeant Stephanie Giblin arrived on the scene and searched the area. She saw Muralles behind the Warwick Medical building trying to climb over a fence.

Giblin then observed Muralles in a fighting stance with a Warwick Mall security officer, who had chased after him, and Sergeant Giblin drew her firearm and ordered the suspect not to move. Muralles began reaching for his backpack, but soon after lowered himself to the ground and was taken into custody by Warwick Officer Darren Parrillo, who had arrived on the scene.

Target is not pressing charges for the $159.96 worth of video games, which they were able to retrieve from Muralles’ backpack.


On Friday, October 20 at approximately 10:39 a.m., Warwick Police Officer Aaron Steere saw the driver of a Buick Century not wearing her seatbelt on I-95 south in the area of exit 12.

Officer Steere followed the car off the highway onto East Avenue, where he pulled it over. When he approached the car, the driver, who identified herself as Carmen Montanez, 37, apologized and told him she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. He told her that was the reason he pulled her over, and she also admitted to him that she did not have an active license.

Officer Steere confirmed that Montanez was driving on a suspended license and charged her with operating on a suspended license as well as so seat belt passenger.

Montanez has an optional municipal court date on November 9 for the seat belt violation and a mandatory third division district court date on November 30 for driving on a suspended license.


Warwick Police Sergeant Frank McGee heard a radio call on Wednesday, October 25 at approximately 2:52 a.m. about someone going through cars in the Cowesett Hills apartments.

A male, later identified as Antonio Junior Petrangelo, 37, was reported to have been going through several vehicles, including a Chevrolet Montecarlo and a Toyota Corolla in the parking lot of the apartment complex.

Sergeant McGee was called to the scene, but the suspect had already been seen leaving in a Honda by witnesses. McGee drove out and pulled over a Honda Civic near the Jersey Mikes in Apponaug, where he questioned Petrangelo, who repeated multiple times that “I didn’t take anything.”

Officer Damian Andrews, who was at the apartments, brought a witness to McGee, who identified Petrangelo as the person he saw going through cars.

Petrangelo was placed under arrest for two counts of attempted larceny under $1,500 and brought to the police department, where he was processed without incident and given a third district court date of November 20.

The cars were found to have nothing of value stolen, and after being processed Petrangelo was released from police headquarters with a summons, and his vehicle was towed.


On Tuesday, October 24 at approximately 5:00 p.m., Warwick Officer Quentin Tavares responded to a call from a woman in a vehicle at PetSmart on Bald Hill road about a larceny.

The victim told Officer Tavares that while in traffic she looked for her phone in the car, but couldn’t find it. She then realized that the iPad she had in her back seat was also missing. She went back to PetSmart because that was the only place she had left her car unlocked.

The combined value of the items is approximately $1,600, the victim said. Officer Tavares advised her to contact the Verizon or Apple store, which may be able to track her iPhone.


Officer Derek Mourato saw a car speeding on Elmwood Avenue on Friday, October 27 at approximately 7:50 p.m. The vehicle, after passing his cruiser, switched lanes without a turn signal and began driving much slower, with Mourato clocking him at 25 mph in a 35-speed zone. Mourato observed the male driver looking down and appearing to be putting something in the center console, causing him to swerve on the road. Mourato turned on his lights and pulled the car over towards the Post Road section of Elmwood.

The driver was identified as Yovianiell Sostre, 22, who appeared to the officer as nervous and confused of where he was heading. Sostre reportedly stated that the car was a rental because he had gotten into an accident in Cranston and said there was a report on it, but Officer Mourato wasn’t able to find any reports in the Cranston system.

Officer Jaafar arrived on the scene to assist and had Sostre get out of his vehicle. Officer Mourato saw a stack of $20 bills and four cell phones on the front seat of the 2017 Toyota Corolla and asked Sostre if he had anything else in the vehicle. Sostre admitted that he had two Percocets folded in a napkin in the cupholder, which he had bought off a friend who had a prescription.

Sostre was placed under arrest for possession of schedule I, II, III, IV, V. The pills were found to be Oxycodone Hydrochloride 30MG and Sostre was brought to Warwick police headquarters. He was also issued for operating below minimum speed limit and turn signal required.


A Target Asset Protection officer detained two females for shoplifting on Friday, October 27 around 2:20 p.m.

Warwick Officer Thomas Duncan was called to Target, where the officer told him that he observed two women taking merchandise from their carts and putting it into bags they were carrying. They then condensed all the merchandise into one cart and one women pushed the cart past points of sale and through the exit while the other women carried out a mirror, a drink and stolen purse full of merchandise.

The Target officer then brought the females back to the asset protection office in Target, where he found that the cart had $1,961.61 worth of merchandise and the bags had an additional $101.44. The women were identified as Micayla Martin, 20, who was pushing the cart, and Georgette Bingham, who was carrying the bags.

Officer Quentin Tavares assisted Officer Duncan in transporting the two women back to Police headquarters.

Martin was charged with one count of shoplifting – Misdemeanor and was released on a summons to appear in third district court on October 30. Bingham was charged with one count of shoplifting – felony, due to three prior shoplifting convictions, and one count of habitual offender – shoplifting. She was held in a cell due to her prior convictions.


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