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At approximately 5:50 a.m. on Nov. 2, Officer William Holz was called to the Brewed Awakenings on Bald Hill Road regarding a reported break-in to the store.

At the store, Officer Holz met with the manager, who said that the glass door of the side entrance to the store was completely shattered.  The manager had been cleaning up the glass, so he hadn’t yet looked at security camera footage from the morning.

Officer Holz and the manager then reviewed the footage, which showed that two unknown suspects had broken the door and made entrance to the building at approximately 1:49 a.m. that morning.

The camera footage showed the two suspects proceeding to a back office, which is always keep unlocked, and opening a desk that holds all the cash tips.  The two suspects, one who was a white male in dark clothing and the other wearing a dark ski mask and Johnson & Wales sweatpants, took the envelopes of money and immediately fled the store.

The amount totalled approximately $400 to $600 and the manager believes that the tips were the only items stolen from the store.

Copies of the security camera footage were given to Warwick Police later that day and an investigation into the incident was opened.


On Nov. 2 at approximately 2:34 p.m. Officer Nicholas DiNardo responded to a report of an erratic driver in the area of Quaker Lane and Bald Hill Road.

The officer responded to the call and pulled the driver, later identified as Paige Ryan, 34, over on Quaker Lane.  She was sober, but said she was taking a bite of her salad and that’s why she swerved out of her lane.

DMV checks showed that Ryan, who drove a Volkswagen Jetta, was driving on a suspended license.

She was issued a summons to third district court for the day of Dec. 14 for driving on a suspended license – second offense civil.

On Nov. 6 at approximately 12:53 a.m. Timothy Furtado, 28, was pulled over by Officer William Holz because the license plate on his Lexus SUV was obstructed. 

Upon inspection, Furtado had a valid RI identification card but immediately informed Officer Holz that his driver’s license was suspended.  His wife, in the passenger seat, was thought to have an active driver’s license but wasn’t feeling well at the time, which is why he was driving. 

Furtado said that he had just traded his old car for the Lexus only hours earlier, but the certificate of title did not match the VIN on the Lexus when the officer checked. 

Holz walked back to run checks on the vehicle and found that it had a correct and active VIN.  He also found that the passenger, Mirian Mazuelos, also had a suspended license. 

Officer Leighton and Officer Isherwood were called to assist, and Sergeant McAniff came shortly after them. 

Furtado was then charged with driving on a suspended license, operation of an unregistered vehicle, and display of registration plates.  The officers also found that he had six previous suspended license convictions.

Furtado was taken into custody and transported to police headquarters, where he was issued a third district court summons for the suspended license on Dec. 14 and a Rhode Island traffic tribunal court summons for the unregistered vehicle and obstructed registration plates set for Dec. 8.  He was then released to his brother.


Officer Ryan Lancaster responded to a call from a residence on West Street of a report of tools taken from a shed on at approximately 3:26 p.m. on Nov. 5. 

The victim told Officer Lancaster that this was the second time tools had been stolen from his shed, the first being an unreported larceny in June of this year.  This larceny occurred sometime after 2:00 p.m. the previous day. 

The shed is a metal pipe frame shed that is covered in tarp and the entrance is a zipper, which the resident said he had closed the day before.

The items taken in June were a porta-cable “pancake” compressor worth $100 and a vacuum worth $500.

The items taken in this incident were a $700 saw, a $100 stand for the saw, and a $65 air hose for compressor, making for a total of $865 worth of items stolen.

The case was forwarded to detectives and the victim said he would move the shed to back yard to mitigate the possibility of future attempts at larceny.


At approximately 9:15 a.m. on Nov. 2 Detective Jeffery Viveiros responded to a report from the Walmart on Post Road that a female customer was in possession of a fraudulent $100 bill.

When he arrived, the customer, Paula Levassuer, 48, was in the Loss Prevention Office.  This was because after determining the bill was fake and paying with an EBT card, Loss Prevention stopped her because of a backpack she was wearing that appeared to be full. Levassuer told them to call the police, so they did.

Detective Viveiros questioned Levassuer about the bill and the contents of the bag, and she told him that she had shoplifted Walmart merchandise.  Loss Prevention found that the backpack contained $225.83 worth of goods.

Sergeant Boisseau then arrived on the scene and it was determined that Levassuer would be charged with shoplifting.  She was transported to police headquarters and released with a summons to appear in court for shoplifting. 

On Nov. 3 at approximately 4:43 p.m. Officer Chistopher Gillis was dispatched to the Target at the Warwick Mall for a report of shoplifting. The Target Asset Protection leader told him that he had a female customer in custody for shoplifting.  The suspect, identified as Yi Li, 22, had been placing unscanned items into a bag that a male she was with, who was never identified, at the self-checkout line. 

The pair were seen leaving the store with the bags, and the Asset Protection leader then brought he to their office without incident. The total price of the unpaid merchandise was $411,81, which could not be re-sold and had to be destroyed.

Li informed Officer Gillis that she was an exchange student attending Johnson and Wales and had no identification.  He then transported her back to police headquarters, where she was charged with one count of shoplifting.

Postive identification was made with her Chinese passport and student ID card, and Li was given a summons to third district court on Dec. 4 and released.

On Nov. 7 at approximately 8:23 a.m. Officer Christopher Cote was called to the Dave’s Marketplace on Airport Road for a report of shoplifting.

The store manager told Officer Cote that at approximately 7:46 a.m. that day a man had taken four bundles of firewood from an outside display without paying for them. 

Security camera footage showed an older male grabbing a shopping cart, place the bundles of firewood in it, and bringing the kart back to his vehicle, which was a dark colored SUV.  A written statement was filled out and a copy of the video was given to Warwick Police later that day for investigation.


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