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On Feb. 19 at approximately 9:27 a.m. Officer Nicholas DiNardo, along with other Officers, responded to the report of a possible burglary at Tracy’s Greenhouse on West Shore Road.

One witness told the Officer that she saw broken glass on the front door of the greenhouse around 7:30 a.m. that day when she drove into work. The store manager said that the door of the greenhouse, which is owned by Dave’s Marketplace, had been smashed. The officer observed that there was no evidence of someone entering the property, but it was not known at the time whether or not anything was stolen.


After an investigation beginning in February, Alexander Walsh, 23, was charged this week with three counts of Child Abuse, 1st Degree and one count of Child Abuse, 2nd degree.

The charges were a result of Walsh’s infant son, aged 2 and a half months, being hospitalized with a head injury. Medical examinations revealed that the infant boy had skull fractures and a brain hemorrhage consistent with abusive head trauma. The injuries were classified as serious but not life-threatening.

It was determined by investigators that the injuries sustained by the boy were not limited to one event and Walsh was charged with the abuse offenses.

He was also charged with one count of burglary after it was found that he allegedly broke into an apartment on Sandy Lane and stole cash and other items from a female victim, who had reported the break-in and fled from her home. Walsh was identified as the suspect and charged. He is currently at the ACI.


On Feb. 24 at approximately 9:22 p.m. Officer Ali Jaafar was driving on Jefferson Boulevard when he saw a Honda Civic driving erratically. He pulled over the vehicle at the corners of Jefferson and Elm St. The driver was identified as Jazmin Chavez, 37, of 70 Ortoleva Dr. in Providence, who was driving with her son in the back seat.

Officer Jaafar observed Chavez’s face to be reddish and her speech slurred. He also detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from her breath, but Chavez initially told him she hadn’t had any drinks that day. After questioning her again, she said that she had “two drinks, nothing crazy.” She said she and her son were coming back from a pool party at the Homewood Suites and were heading home to Providence.

At this time, other Officers arrived on scene to assist. Chavez was asked to get out of the car, at which time she said she had “maybe four glasses of wine and a beer” that night. A friend was called to take control of the car and Chavez’s son.

Officer Aaron Kay conducted sobriety tests on Chavez, who he observed to have bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and a strong odor of alcohol coming from her breath.

The gaze test, the walk and turn test, and the one leg stand test indicated through almost every clue that Chavez was under the influence. Chavez said she would not submit to any breathalyzer test and told the Officers she was going to lose her job because of them and they were ruining her life. She said she could not believe they were doing this to her.

Chavez was transported back to police headquarters. At the station, she again refused to submit to a breathalyzer test, although she would not sign any forms. She refused to cooperate with the Officers and was being argumentative.

Chavez was then put in a cell. She had no prior arrests on her criminal history and she was issued a summons for Third District Court on April 3 with the charge of DUI 1st Offense B.A.C. Unknown. She was also issued for Refusal to Submit to Chemical Test 1st Offense and Laned Roadway Violations. She was then released to a sober adult and DCYF was contacted to alert them of the situation.


On Feb. 23 at 7:31 p.m. Officer Javier Cabreja responded to the report of larceny from a person who had come into police headquarters. The report was regarding stolen items, including car keys, from a vehicle in someone’s garage.

The reporting party and alleged victim said that she had left her garage door open the previous night and forgot to close it until her husband came home later that night.

On Feb. 23, she went to get into her car but could not get in, as she normally leaves her keys in the car but this time the door was locked. She got the spare key to open it and continued her day.

She later realized her purse, valued at $65, was gone despite there being no forced entry to the vehicle. The purse held her driver’s license, credit cards, debit cards, insurance cards, social security cards, other cards, and $50 in cash. She also said the key fobs for both her husband’s vehicle and for her vehicle, both of which are valued at $500, were missing from inside the vehicle. Her checkbook was also missing.

She did not have any suspect information and said she would like to press charges if a suspect was found. The report was forwarded to detectives.


On Feb. 25 at approximately 11:30 a.m. Officer James Vible spoke with a reporting party at police headquarters who said her iPhone had been stolen.

She said that on the previous day she had gone shopping at the Walmart on Bald Hill Road and realized after she had lost her iPhone 7 Plus. She said her husband called the cell and an unfamiliar male answered, who said he had just found it and would turn it in to Walmart. When she checked with a Walmart manager both the previous day and that day she was told that no cell phone was turned in.

She said she had already notified T-Mobile, who were unable to track her iPhone but had cancelled her account and number. Officer Vible advised her to contact her financial and credit card institutions due to her having previously used her cell phone to access online accounts.

Walmart’s Loss Prevention employee was called, who told the Officer that she would review security footage for the date and time of the incident and get back to them. The case was forwarded to detectives.


On Feb. 13 at approximately 10:43 a.m. Officer Thomas Greene responded to a shoplifting in progress at the Kohl’s at 650 Bald Hill Rd. Dispatch advised that two females had fled the store in different directions after stealing multiple items. The reporting party was in the parking lot at the time and saw one of the females running up the hill.

It was learned that Officer Michael Walker had already responded and detained one of the suspects in the parking lot of Toys R Us while the other one was yet to be located.

Upon meeting with the Loss Prevention employee, Officer Greene learned that the two females had stolen numerous items from the store. When confronted outside the store, they returned some of the items but then fled with the rest.

The two suspects were later identified as Helluva Brown, 25, of 70 Felix St. in Providence, and Ahesha Taylor, 34, of 160 Benedict St. in Providence. The items they stole included assorted pieces of clothes totally valued at $396.

While Taylor was already in custody, the Officers watched the store video and eventually located Brown in a bush near the entrance to Rhode Island Mall. When Officer Walker attempted to take her into custody, Brown attempted to flee. Walker took custody of her and told her to place her hands behind her back, at which time she resisted, stating she was scared. Two assisting Officers helped to get Brown to put her hands behind her back and into handcuffs.

Both suspects were transported back to police headquarters. Taylor was released with a Third District Court Summons for Shoplifting while Brown was found to have a Sixth District Court bench warrant out for her. Brown was transported to court on the charges of Resisting Legal or Illegal Arrest and Shoplifting misdemeanor, and for the warrant.


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Looks like the wizards who left their garage open lost everything except their last will and testament, the jewelry box and a gun or two...

Normally a woman will walk off without her right arm before she forgets her purse.

And what did we learn?

Friday, March 9, 2018