Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police

A Warwick man told Officer Matthew Higgins he left his car locked in the parking lot at Chili’s Bar and Grill on Bald Hill Road on Feb. 2 and went into the restaurant for dinner and came out around 6 p.m. and found the driver’s side back window of his Honda Pilot smashed and his Les Paul standard guitar was gone. He told police it was a left-hand black guitar in a brown case with a pink interior. He said a large silver case containing five effects pedals for the guitar was also missing. He said the value of the missing items was around $3,000. No witnesses or suspects.

The owner of an electrical services business on Glenco Road told Officer John Choquette said he parked his company vehicle in his driveway on Jan. 28 and came back around noon and found a window on the passenger side was smashed and that someone had entered his van and stole over $3,740 worth of tools from the vehicle; including a DeWalt 18-volt combo kit worth $798; a $1,500 rotary hammer and various drills, tool cases, hand tools and wrenches. No suspects or witnesses.

A Jamestown man came into police headquarters on Feb. 1 to explain why he was only now telling police that his 1992 GMC 2500 pickup truck has been missing since at least Dec. 23. He said the pickup had been left at the West Natick Street address for over 10 years and that he kept it as a spare truck to plow the property and came down from Jamestown in December and noticed it was gone. He said he asked around to business property owners to ask if it had been towed or moved and when it had not, he telephoned police to report it stolen. He was told he could come in at anytime to file a complete but wasn’t able to come in sooner because he recently had a new baby at his house in Jamestown and had not been able to get enough “free time” to come to the police station.

A Warwick man was charged with stealing $314 worth of cologne from Macy’s in the Warwick Mall on Feb. 1. Loss prevention personnel told police they saw the man conceal a number of items on his person, including five bottles of cologne before leaving the store without paying for it. Elijah L. Friedman, 26, of 38 Birch Glen Ave. in Warwick was charged with shoplifting and later released on $1,000 personal recognizance by the Bail Commissioner.
Cory L. Vertentes, 20, of 34 Rosewood Rd. in Somerset was charged with shoplifting ay Kohl’s in the Rhode Island Mall on Feb. 2. Loss prevention told police he concealed $56 worth of boxer shorts and a shirt before leaving the store without paying for them. He was later released with a summons. Benjamin P. Adams, 20, of 108 Locust St. in Berkeley, MA, was released at the same time, after he was charged with stealing a set of boxer shorts worth $28.
A West Warwick woman was charged with shoplifting at Walmart on Feb. 2 when store security told police she took about $146 of clothing and other items and walked out without paying for the goods. Officer Michael Reay said police found two credit cards and a Connecticut driver’s license belonging to someone else in her pocketbook. He said she told them she found them at the Foxwoods Casino and was going to mail them to the owner. Stephanie Marie Hopkins, 26, of 17 Agnes St. in West Warwick was charged with shoplifting and later released on $1,000 personal recognizance. The cards and license were forwarded to detectives for follow up.
A Providence woman and her mother were arrested at the Family Dollar store on Post Road on Feb. 4 after police were dispatched to the parking lot and stopped the vehicle they were in before it left the lot. Officer Paul Wells said Sandra Walsh, 65, of 51 Sawyer St., and her daughter, Sara Fernandez, 29, of the same address were taken to headquarters and charged with shoplifting $14.25 worth of laundry products. Personnel in the store said the two women were frequently in the store and have been suspected of stealing in the past. Wells said there was also a warrant out for Fernandez for a prior shoplifting charge and her license was suspended and the car was unregistered. The plates were confiscated; the car was towed and dog taken into custody by Animal Control.

Officer Charles Austin reported he was on patrol with another officer when they were dispatched to an accident at Bank and Remington Streets around 8:20 p.m. on Jan. 28. He said they arrived to find a woman slumped over the steering wheel being attended by Rescue personnel. She told Rescue she was unhurt and they assisted her in getting out of the car. He said she appeared to be intoxicated and unable to keep her balance. Austin said he started a field sobriety test that she could not perform and said she became more belligerent and uncooperative and would not do any more tests. He said Christina M. Finnigan, 40, of 30 Fair St. was taken to headquarters after she insisted she was home, even though she was found after hitting two sign posts over 100 feet from her house. He said she refused a breath test and was charged with DUI and refusal and then taken to Kent Hospital for detox when they could not locate anyone to take custody of her.
Officer Nicholas DiNardo reported he was on patrol around 5:40 p.m. on Feb. 1 when he heard a dispatch of a possible drunk driver at the intersection of Warwick Avenue and Sandy Lane. He said he caught up with the suspect vehicle as it turned on to Sevilla Avenue and then onto Calcott Street without stopping at the stop sign. He said he pulled the car over and spoke with the operator. He said the driver smelled strongly of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes and was trembling and had slurred speech. He said he administered a field sobriety test to the driver that he could not complete and said the reason was severe arthritis and continued to shake severely. He said he gave the driver a preliminary breath test with a portable breath analyzer and got a reading of .321. He said Kevin M. Farrell, 58, of 155 Hilton Rd. was taken to headquarters where he blew a .370 and a .379 blood alcohol content on the breath test. He was charged with DUI and running a stop sign and then transported to Kent Hospital for detox.
Officer Jedidiah Pineau said he was on patrol around 6:10 p.m. on Jan. 31 and was checking the perimeter of the airport fence when he found a car parked along the fence and no one walking around the area. He said it was a suspicious place to be parking a car and had dispatch find the registered owner. He said the plate was traced to an Andrea N. Wylie, 28, of 19 Maplehurst Ave., who was also the subject of a paperless warrant for her arrest. He said he was standing by the car when a Lincoln Navigator drove by him and then turned around and came back toward him and asked him what was going on. He said he then positively identified the woman as Wylie and arrested her on the warrant. He said the driver of the Lincoln became upset and asked if he could pay her fines and allow her to leave but Pineau said he could not and the man began to yell and swear. Pineau said he noticed that the man did not seem that steady on his feet and failed a field sobriety test. He said a preliminary breath test registered a .167 and Jason S. Brayman, 31, of 250 Cedar Swamp Rd. was taken to headquarters where he was charged with DUI and refusal, second offense when he turned down a second breath test at headquarters and Pineau learned he refused a test in 2009 as well. He was also charged with driving on a suspended license.


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