Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police

Officer Jacob Elderkin took a report of malicious damage at the Planet Fitness parking lot on Pac Boulevard on July 2. A patron told Elderkin she parked her VW Beetle at the far end of the lot to avoid other vehicles around 6:20 p.m. and returned to the car around 7:30 to find that someone had keyed her car, leaving a scratch from the front driver’s side bumper to the rear bumpers.
Elderkin said the management told him they did not have video surveillance on that side of the building and there were no witnesses or suspects. The owner told Elderkin she would press charges if the party responsible for the damage were caught.
Elderkin also took a report of vandalism at the nearby Best Buy store’s parking lot around 4:45 p.m. earlier that day. An employee at the store told him he came to work around 10 a.m. that morning and saw that the tires were flat on the install van for their Geek Squad and on the Geek Squad VW Beetle. He said the man in charge of maintenance for the vehicles called him later that day and said it appeared that the tires on the vehicles had been deliberately flattened. He showed Elderkin small slices in the van’s tires and small punctures on the Beetle’s tires. There was no damage to the store’s box truck, which had been on the road most of the day. This time there was video of the lot and he burned a copy of it for detectives to analyze. Elderkin forwarded his report to detectives without speculating if the fact that two VW Beetles were hit was a coincidence or not. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer Jason Cooke reported a tractor missing from outside the Sears store in the Rhode Island Mall on July 3. An employee there told Cooke he went outside to check the tractor and lawn mowers display because two alarms had gone off overnight and Warwick police responded but found nothing at those times. But daylight revealed that one of the locks on the cable securing the machines was gone and the cable unsecured. He said an inventory discovered that a red Craftsman tractor was also missing from the spot it occupied closest to the door of the store. Cooke said a check of the video surveillance the night before did not show anything of value because it was focused beyond the area the larceny occurred.
He said a check of the two calls made by Warwick police within the last couple of days showed that the first call at 10:42 p.m. on July 3 determined that everything was secured. He said the second alarm, at 12:37 a.m. on July 3, indicated that two of the tractors were not secured but apparently nothing appeared to be missing until they checked the inventory later. No suspects or witnesses. Sears said the tractor was priced at $1,999.99.

Officer Manuel Pacheco reported he was on a call at Goddard State Park around 6:17 p.m. on July 4 when a man told him his belongings had been stolen while he took a shower. The man said his belongings were in a Price Rite shopping bag and the bag was gone when he emerged from the shower. He said the bag contained $100 in cash, his Blackberry phone, two bank debit cards and a credit card, his license and other identification. He told Pacheco he did not see who took the bag and people he asked also said they didn’t see anything taken. Pacheco said a check of trash receptacles turned up nothing. The man was advised to contact his banks and the credit company as soon as possible and cancel his phone service. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer Eric Lima took a report of a missing leaf blower on Iroquois Drive on July 3. The owner told Lima the blower was kept in his garage and when he went to use it on July 1, he noticed it was missing. He said it was a Stihl BG55 and was last used on June 15, so he had no clear idea when it went missing. He said the leaf blower was worth $150. No suspects or witnesses. The report was forwarded to detectives.
Officer Raymond Cox reported a GPS unit missing from a vehicle on July 3 on Uphill Avenue. The owner told Cox she left her vehicle in the driveway around 6 p.m. the day before and noticed it had been gone through the next morning. No suspects or witnesses.
Officer Lima responded to a residence on Gordon Avenue on July 1 for another report of a van being rifled through overnight. The man told Lima he went out to his car and immediately realized something was wrong because his glove box was open. He told Lima his sunglasses were on the ground beside the vehicle and a camera, a flashlight and a second pair of sunglasses were missing. He said the missing items were worth about $160. No suspects or witnesses.
Officer Jeffrey Taranto reported a break into a car on Link Street that netted the criminal a $100 GPS unit but will cost the owner $250 in repairs for the glove box that was broken open in her car. She told police she left her car in the driveway overnight and was informed by her son-in-law that the glove compartment had been tampered with. She pointed out that one of her neighbors and her family were out of town and they left the cars unlocked but she had no way of knowing if anything of theirs was missing. Taranto said he asked the woman to have the neighbors call police if they found that anything was missing from their vehicles.
A Whitford Street resident flagged down Officer Julio Benros around 10 a.m. on July 5 to report that she discovered that her GPS unit was missing from her car. She said the unit was worth about $50 and the car was unlocked at the time of the theft. No witnesses or suspects.

Officer Albert Marano was dispatched to Brightside Avenue for a larceny from a vehicle on July 5. A resident there told Marano he returned to his vehicle around 8:30 that morning and noticed a number of his belongings on his lawn. He said he checked his vehicle and saw that a number of items were missing. He said a $200 GPS unit, an $800 set of Adam golf clubs, a Black Widow dart set worth $180, a Fossil watch valued at $250 and his wallet with his license and credit card were gone. He told Marano he locked the car up the night before but added that, if you pulled on the handle of the passenger side door, it unlocked automatically.


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How many times do you havd to be told to not leave valuables in your car. Here's another: DON;'T LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR CAR.

Thursday, July 12, 2012