Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.

A loss prevention officer for Macy’s in Warwick Mall told Officer Stephen Major they detained a woman who attempted to make several fraudulent purchases in the store earlier. They said the woman had already purchased three Michael Kors handbags, priced at $378, $448 and $398, respectively, and charged them to a Macy’s in-house card. He said same woman raised red flags when she went to the Fine Watch section of the store and attempted to buy a Gucci watch worth $4,395 on the same card. He said she presented a New York State driver’s license, a procedure associated with prior fraudulent purchases at the store. He said a quick call to the cardholder in New York determined that she was 65 years old and the woman at Macy’s was in her mid-20s at best. She confirmed that she did not authorize anyone to use the card. He said the watch sale was denied and the woman was walking out of the store when loss prevention personnel detained her outside the store. He said he saw a dark car with New York plates speed off and she attempted to drop the license she was using as they led her back inside. Major said it had the young suspect’s photo on it but had the older woman’s birth date. Charity Izenwata, 18, of 2270 Walton Ave., Bronx, N.Y., was charged with fraudulent use of a credit card and identity theft and held as she was, so far unsuccessfully, attempting to raise money for bail and gather proper identification to be released.

A Viscount Road resident told police he found the driver’s side door open the morning of Jan. 14 and found that four pairs of sunglasses and two flashlights were missing. No suspects or witnesses. A similar incident was reported on Viscount Road on Jan. 11. On that occasion, a GPS unit worth $125 and a $25 Amazon gift card were taken. The glove box contents were strewn about and the man told police the gift card was taken from a bag in the trunk of his car that was apparently opened from the front seat, where a remote latch mechanism was located. No forced entry. No suspects.

A Strawberryfield Road resident told police that three antique metal milk cans worth about $30 went missing from his porch overnight on Jan. 12, the same time someone went into his vehicle and found the wallet he had hidden in the center console was now empty and its contents, minus a Citizens Bank debit card, were strewn around the cab of his pickup truck. A GPS unit and a CD player in the cab had not been disturbed. He said he already put a hold on the debit card. He also told Officer Robert Hart his neighbors said they saw nothing. He also said he found an older woman sitting on his front steps that morning who “appeared to be somewhat delusional” and she left when he told her to but he did not believe that she had anything to do with the thefts.

A Flamingo Drive resident told police that someone rummaged through his vehicle overnight on Jan. 14, but it looked like nothing was missing. The contents of the glove box had been strewn around the front seat and the interior light was left on, but there was no sign of forced entry or damage. He said he heard his neighbor’s dog barking around 2 a.m. but other than that nothing unusual occurred. No witnesses.

Police went to Industrial Drive around 11:45 p.m. on Jan. 10 for a report of two vehicles that had been broken into while two workers were working the night shift at the Claflin Company, a Ford Explorer and a Pontiac Grand Prix. The Explorer’s had the driver’s side window smashed and was apparently not rummaged through, but the wallet that he left in plain sight on the console was gone. He said it contained his license, Social Security card and several bank cards.

The Pontiac owner found the passenger side window smashed and his car had been rummaged through. He said nothing appeared to be missing but he would call later if he discovered something was gone. They said they parked their vehicles around 3 p.m. and found the damage when they came out around 11:30. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer Joshua Myer reported thieves did a little better on Jan. 12 when they forced the lock on a car parked on Atlantic Avenue overnight. The owner said she returned to the car and noticed the lock on the door was not working correctly and believed it was damaged when someone got into her Jeep Cherokee and took an iPod, a phone charger, 10 dollars in cash and $150 in rolled coins, sunglasses and 10 CDs worth about $70 total. No suspects or witnesses.


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Will you people stop leaving valuables inside your car? What is wrong with you? These crimes have been happening for years now and you don't get it.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

why does someone leave a wallet in plain sight. in their car while they are not in the car is beyond me.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ther person on Atlantic Ave was particularly stupid.

Friday, January 18, 2013