Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.


Officer Stephen Major reported he was dispatched to Starbucks around 4:20 p.m. on May 9 for a report of a man harassing customers. He said he arrived and found the man and took him outside, where he was patted down for weapons. The manager said the man was disruptive and asked police to tell the man he was barred from the coffee shop and send him on his way.

Major said they learned that the same man had been at the Best Buy store earlier where he was disruptive as well. He was told he was trespassed from Best Buy and allowed to go on his way. He said the man was walking toward Smokey Bones, where the manager had already told police he wanted the man trespassed from there as well. He said the man then proceeded north and went inside Sleepy’s, where he screamed some obscenities at a female and was told he had to stay out of there, too. He said the man proceeded toward the Target store, where he screamed obscenities at people leaving the store and gave them all the finger but did not go inside. Major said several people complained to police about “the bearded jerk” who was flipping off people as they left.

He said he found him near Leslie’s Pools and told him to keep moving but then offered him the option of a ride to Warwick Mall, where he could get the bus to Providence and wouldn’t have to stop to harass all the businesses up and down Bald Hill Road. He said the man took the ride but spent his time in the back seat, apparently unaware that Major could hear him, threatening to get him off duty and he had a gun and he was going to shoot him when he saw him out of uniform. Major said he didn’t respond, he said he just wanted to “have him leave the city of Warwick.” He said he dropped him off at the bus stop.

He was back at the bus stop again, taking a complaint from a woman who said he jumped on top of an awning at the bus stop and swung his feet in her direction. Mall security told Major they, too, wanted the man barred from Warwick Mall. Major said he advised his sergeant of the situation and they decided it was time to arrest the homeless man for disorderly conduct. He said he patted the man down and found a .375ml bottle of Tanqueray gin in his pocket that wasn’t there earlier. He said he called Haxton’s and they told him that, yes, a man grabbed a bottle of gin and ran out the side door with it. Major said that happened between the time he left him at Sleepy’s and the time he found him at Leslie’s Pools and offered him the ride to the mall. Nasie Mark Ferderer, 43, with no fixed address, was also charged with shoplifting and held for arraignment and for violating his bail from a shoplifting arrest in Cranston on May 8.


A Lincoln man was charged with stealing 13 items of jewelry, clothing and cologne from the Kohl’s store at Rhode Island Mall on May 13. Officer Michelle Caron reported she got a call about a shoplifting in progress and several officers were waiting outside and stopped the man when he exited from the east doors. Caron said they escorted him back into the store where the items, worth a total of $516.97, were recovered. Bryan Stevens, 26, of 246 Railroad St., Lincoln, was later released with a summons for District Court.


A Wethersfield Drive resident reported that someone had gone through all three vehicles that were parked in his driveway some time overnight on May 14. He said nothing was missing or damaged because the cars were left unlocked.

A man came into headquarters on May 10 to report that a bankbook with $1,000 in cash inside was left in his car overnight on Canna Street and he returned the next morning to find that the cash was gone. He said he left the book in the center console and there was nothing else missing and no damage to the car because he left it unlocked. No suspects or witnesses.

An $800 iPad went missing from a car parked on Rutherford Court. The owner told police the iPad actually went missing on April 29 but she didn’t report it until May 3 because she was attempting to locate the machine by using the GPS but was not successful because she didn’t have an iCloud account.

Police went to Dave’s Bar and Grille on Post Road. A Warwick man said he went back to his vehicle to leave the parking lot and found the passenger side window bashed in and his son’s backpack missing. He said there was a $1,000 laptop, books, calculators and battery chargers worth about $300 more in the backpack. He said it would probably cost him $500 to $700 to fix the window as well. No suspects or witnesses.



Officer Daniel DiMaio reported an accident at Church Avenue and Alpine Street around 1:15 a.m. on May 9. He said they found a 1989 Ford truck had left the roadway and crashed into the house at 27 Church Ave. He said the sole passenger and driver of the truck was lying on the ground with a large gash over his right eye with glass from the windshield embedded in it. He said the driver smelled faintly of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes. He told DiMaio he was coming from a friend’s house when he had a seizure and woke up after the accident. He said Rescue arrived to treat the driver and he began a nystagmus test when the driver said, “I’ll be straight with you, I took a Molly and now I’m rolling tonight.” DiMaio said he asked the driver to complete the nystagmus test and he said, “I already told you, I’m rolling on E.” He said he read the driver his rights and Rescue transported him to Rhode Island Hospital. He said the driver repeated that he already told DiMaio he was tripping and he wasn’t going to submit to any tests. He said he overheard him telling the hospital staff about taking a Molly and trying to drive home. Dana B. Farrar, 21, of 296 Palmer Ave., Warwick, was charged with DUI and refusal and left in the care of the medical staff.


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$1000 left in the car????

Thursday, May 16, 2013

You can't fix stupid! Who leaves $1,000 in a locked car, let alone an UNLOCKED car? He is either one of the most ignorant men around or he was lying about it!

Saturday, May 18, 2013