Police Log


The Police Log is a digest of reports filed by the Warwick Police.


Officer Aaron Kay reported stopping a car on Underwood Avenue on June 17 because the driver and his passenger were not wearing seat belts. He said the driver had fastened his seat belt sometime between being spotted and being stopped but the passenger was still without a belt. He said the driver, identified as Michael M. Darosa, 20, of 200 Silver Spring St., Providence, had an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in District Court. Darosa was arrested on the spot and the passenger was released with the car.


Officer Tomas Bogusz reported viewing a surveillance video at the Home Improvement Shop on Bald Hill Road on June 14. It showed a man arriving at the store around 5:40 p.m. and walking around selecting plants and flowers and then putting four potted plants in his car. He then drove off onto Route 2. The manager told him the plants were worth a total of $150. There was no license plate information available on the newer Jeep Wrangler used in the theft. No suspects.


Officer Julio Benros reported a package missing from a resident’s front door on Providence Street on June 18. The man told Benros the package was reported as delivered around 10 a.m. but was not there when the resident looked for it around 2 p.m. The resident told Benros the package contained Solo-Flex parts that were worth around $100. No suspects or witnesses.


Officer Quentin Tavares reported he was dispatched to headquarters on June 13 to take a report of a purse missing from an employee’s car at the Nail Salon on Bald Hill Road the day before. The 38-year-old owner of the purse said she believed she left her purse in her car and that she left the car unlocked when she came to work the day before. After she drove home from work, she realized the purse was gone and went back to the salon, but the salon had closed in the meantime and she waited until the next day, hoping that she was wrong and had taken her purse inside. She did not find the purse at work and came into headquarters to report it stolen. She said her identification and credit cards were in the purse, along with $400. Tavares said he checked with the salon and learned they had no video of the incident. The woman told Tavares she did remember a white vehicle with a man inside next to her car the day before but did not have any other description. No suspects or witnesses.

Officer James Wenneman reported he went to a house on Byron Boulevard around 4:30 p.m. on May 15 to take a report of a larceny. The owner of a 1967 Chevy said he left the car at home while he went out to do laundry in another vehicle around that afternoon, and when he returned about 40 minutes later he went to fetch his cell phone out of the Chevy and discovered the phone and his wallet were gone. He said he had three credit cards in the car and two prescriptions of 20 pills each where also gone. He said the car was left unlocked. No suspects or witnesses.

A woman who lives on Pontiac Street told police someone went through all four cars that are kept in her driveway sometime overnight on June 17. She told police a Jeep, a pickup truck and two sedans where rummaged through but only the purse, an Avon product and a toy worth a total of $96 were missing. No suspects or witnesses.


A Spring Green Road resident told police he wanted to file a complaint of malicious damage against anyone found responsible for breaking the driver’s side mirror off his car while it was parked outside his house on June 17. No witnesses, no suspects and no motive for the damage so far.


Officer Nicholas Reay reported he was dispatched to the scene of an accident with no injuries at the Quaker Lane Shell station around 9:30 p.m. on June 14. The driver of a pickup truck told Reay he was getting off Route 95 onto Route 2 south and was merging into traffic when he was hit from behind. He told Reay he saw the car coming up behind him and attempted to swerve out of the way when he was struck. He said he pulled over and waited for police. He said he then spoke with the other driver, who appeared to be intoxicated and slurred his speech. He said the man told him he was just getting off work and had “a bit of vodka” before he left but smelled very strongly of alcohol. He said he gave the man a field sobriety test and the man failed it. He said they arrested the driver and found two vodka bottles in the car, one of which was empty and another that was partially filled. He said he called Warwick Rescue to have the man medically cleared, and it was decided to take him to Kent Hospital for further evaluation. Reay said he followed the rescue to Kent and read the man his rights before the man refused to submit to a blood test. He was charged with DUI, second offense, and refusal, first offense. He was also charged with laned roadway violations and failing to maintain a proper distance from other vehicles and left with the medical staff at Kent.


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Why is it that they leave off the names of some drunks in these articles?

Friday, June 28, 2013