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Officer Christian Vargas was dispatched to Spooner Avenue on Sept. 30 for a report of an attempted larceny. The owner of a Toyota Corolla told Vargas his brother used his car to report for work at a local taxi company and left the car at the office while he did his shift. He said the car was left locked but he discovered that someone tried to steal the speaker on the driver’s side rear door. He showed Vargas the speaker and Vargas asked how someone got into the car if it was locked and the man said the thief somehow managed to defeat the car’s security system. Vargas said the faceplate for the speaker and the screws used to secure it to the door were present but the screws apparently did not actually screw into the door because there were no holes around the opening in the door to hold the screws. He asked the man if the speaker might simply become dislodged from the opening and the owner said that was impossible because the speakers were professionally installed. Vargas said the owner also said the attempted larceny may have been from a week to a month before he discovered the attempt but then narrowed it down to Sept. 28, while his brother was doing his shift. Vargas said the owner did say he would press charges if the would-be thief were caught, however, there were no suspects or witnesses to the attempted theft.


Officer Jeffrey Taranto reported he had to go into West Warwick on Sept. 27 to have police there stop a man wanted for appearing nude in the drive-through lane at Taco Bell on Bald Hill Road. He said he was on his way there when he heard a caller was following the man and reported that West Warwick was detaining him. He said they turned the man over to him and the man, who was dressed by that time, admitted he had gone through the lane and asked the counterman to take a picture of his naked self and tried to hand him his phone to do so. The counterman refused and the man drove away with witnesses following him. Taranto said Gregg Duchesneau, 28, of 26 Highland St. in West Warwick, smelled strongly of alcohol while he spoke with him and admitted he had done it. He was arrested and charged with indecent exposure and later released with a summons.


Officer Joseph DeDonato reported he met with a tenant of the Fairfax Apartment complex on Post Road on Sept. 25 who wanted a houseguest ejected from his residence. The man told DeDonato the man was not paying rent and began bringing home things that the resident suspected were stolen. He said he did not like his guest’s lifestyle and was in fear of him and wanted him removed from the premises. DeDonato said there was a pile of goods on a table there, including sets of golf clubs, framed pictures, duffel bags and a pillowcase that contained pieces of jewelry. He said the unwelcome guest said the items belonged to him and that he got them trading with different people over the past several weeks. DeDonato said he called detectives to the scene and they identified several items, including sets of golf clubs, that had been reported missing or stolen. Detectives reported that one North Providence house breaking victim asked if they found a New York Yankees watch among the recovered stuff and they informed him that the suspect was wearing it when they took him into custody. Gregory M. Rego, 30, with a last known address of 51 Luna St. in Providence was charged with felony possession of stolen goods.


Officer Manuel Pacheco reported arresting a Johnston woman and for larceny and a West Warwick man for malicious damage on Sept. 28. Pacheco said he found the couple near Inskip Motors after a description of their mini-van was broadcast around 5:25 p.m. Witnesses said they had video of the woman taking money from the tip jar at the Dunkin’ Donuts on Centerville Road and evidence that the man took a number of K-cups from the counter and punctured them and emptied them out and left them on a table to be sold to unsuspecting people as what the suspect said was a prank. The driver of the van, identified as Shana C. Cheshier, 23, of 19 Chestnut St. in Johnston, was also charged with obstruction for giving police a phony name to avoid being arrested on an outstanding warrant and for driving on a suspended license. Matthew T. Fath, 26, of 52 Narragansett Ave. in West Warwick was charged with malicious damage. His parents were called to take custody of Fath’s young daughter who was also in the van.


Officer Paul Wells reported he was dispatched to the Staples in the Airport Plaza around 3:35 p.m. on Sept. 22 for a report of a man passed out in a car after inhaling vapors from aerosol cans he just bought at the office supply store. He said he arrived to find the man slumped in his seat. He said the man heard him coming and jumped in his seat and sprayed one of the cans of dust cleaner at him. He said the man readily admitted he had a “huffing” addiction, which consisted of concentrating and inhaling the vapors of the propellant used to power keyboard cleaning products like “Dust Destroyer” and “Dust Off” to get high. Wells said he observed that the man’s pupils were constricted and about the size of a pinhead. He said the man spoke with slurred speech as his upper body made a rotating motion. Wells said he took the cans from the man and placed them on the roof of the car as he did some checks and heard some scraping noises coming from the car and saw that the man had reached out of the car, grabbed one of the cans and was spraying the vapors into his mouth and “huffing” it. He said he arrested the man for using toxic vapors and called for another car to take the man into custody because Wells was with his K-9 equipped vehicle at the time. Wells said the man told him he was thrown out of his parents’ house the day before because of his addiction to huffing. He was transported to Kent Hospital for chest pains and his parents were called to take custody of his vehicle and property. Wells said he later went to the hospital and gave the man a summons for District Court.


Officer Michelle Caron reported she was dispatched to Lincoln Avenue around 2:40 p.m. on Sept. 29 for a man being detained for going into a parked car that did not belong to him. She said she arrived to find the suspect sitting on the ground with his legs crossed. She said the man told her he understood his rights but he wanted to know if the owner of the car was going to press charges on him. He explained that, if he did press charges, he would press his own charges against the owner for hitting him with his vehicle to stop him. She said the victim assured her that he did not hit the suspect with his car and Caron could find no damage on the car or injuries on the suspect to indicate he had been hit by a car. Travis Jonathan Poole, 21, with a last known address on Jefferson Boulevard, was charged with attempted larceny. Caron said he still claimed he had been hit by the car and fell on his right elbow, and then showed Caron a tiny scrape on his left elbow.


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Doesn't Officer Joe Swanson live on Spooner Street?

Man, no neighborhood is safe these days.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Good one, still laughing!

Friday, October 11, 2013