Priest departs SS Rose and Clement Parish, along with active ministry


In a notice posted Friday on the Diocese of Providence website, it was announced that as of this Monday, Father Matthew Glover “on his own initiative” resigned as pastor of SS. Rose and Clement Parish “and simultaneously has withdrawn from the active ministry of the priesthood.”

The posting does not detail the reasoning for Father Glover’s action, although one parishioner speculated it could have something to do with his efforts to make the parish inclusive of all people.

In a June 26 story about a planned parish meeting to which members of the LGBTQ community had been invited, WPRI Channel 12 quoted Father Glover as saying, “We want to be a church that welcomes all races, divorce and remarried, gays, lesbians, transgender, because we want to be faithful to who we believe Jesus is. There was no one that Jesus denied, there was no one that Jesus didn’t accept.”

According to the parishioner, who asked to remain unidentified, Father Glover’s departing service was highly emotional and tearful.

In a letter to the parish, Father Glover writes that after 15 years as a priest at St. Luke’s, URI and St. Rose and Clement, “I have prayerfully decided to leave the active ministry. I am extremely grateful for the love of God which has filled my life through the sacramental relationships I have formed with each one of you. I am leaving at peace, joyful and grateful to God.”

He writes, “I would like to thank the Bishop for his pastoral care of me during this time,” adding he is grateful to his family members and friends for their support.

The website posting says Bishop Thomas J. Tobin accepted the resignation.

“Father Glover’s decision to withdraw from the active ministry means that he is no longer permitted to function, nor to present himself, as a priest. For that reason, Father Glover’s priestly faculties have been revoked effective August 19, 2019,” reads the notice.

It goes on to report Father Timothy Reilly has been appointed Administrator pro-tem of SS. Rose and Clement Parish effective Aug. 19, 2019, and will provide for the ongoing pastoral and spiritual care of the parish while continuing to serve as Chancellor of the Diocese of Providence.


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Concerned Warwick Citizen

There is a lot of hidden drama under this that is not limited to "efforts to make the parish inclusive of all people"

Matt Glover's style was a huge shock to many of the parishioners of St Rose & Clements over the last few years the parish has been bleeding members in part due to spending habits (35-40k spent on turning his kitchen into a gourmet kitchen), lack of consistent presence at the church and school, questionable hires (a pastoral assistant that refers to the Holy Spirit as she/her while advocating neo-pagan philosophy) , drama around the firing of respected teachers, drama concerning donations to the church and a non-priestly relationship with a teacher (who was also "asked to leave")

Mr. Glover as a priest wasn't all bad - there were things that he did that were wonderful - notably his relationships with the children at St Rose, and updating worship music to be less dirge-like.

But these waters are muddy and this is not the case of a priest losing his job or walking away from the priesthood over LGBT issues.

Friday, August 23, 2019
Parent/Parishioner of SS Rose and Clement Parish

For many, Mr. Glover's "style" instilled a sense of renewal and hope for the evolution of our Church. My family and I will miss him so much and we wish him the best!

When I attend mass on Sunday, I will say a prayer for any fellow parishioner who thinks like Mr. Concerned Warwick Citizen. And I will continue to pray for the Church.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019
where are the bells?

why dont the bells ring anymore? did he stop the bells?????

Wednesday, August 28, 2019