Putting the blame on public employees


To the Editor:

I would like to comment about Mr. White's statement in the Lookout section of your Oct. 3 issue – "any city with systemic financial problems, usually tied to legacy public-employee contract obligations, can stumble into bankruptcy, too."

I feel his statement is baseless and obviously made from an ill-informed position as to how the town of West Warwick has been governed over the past 68 years. Just another one of his bias attempts to blame the financial problems of cities and towns on public employee unions.

Maybe he should get out of the opinion business and come up with some concrete answers to help cities and towns deal with their problems, rather than just blaming them all on the public employee unions, who continue to make concessions to help the town.

Just my opinion, but based on the fact I have lived in West Warwick for all but 13 of the last 68 years.

Dean Tourangeau

West Warwick

Retired MA teacher after 41 years of service, still working as a volunteer in the Uxbridge School System.


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Baseless?...ill-informed...? To wit:

Detroit: Over promise to public employee unions

San Bernardino: Over promise to public employee unions

Stockton: Over promise to public employee unions

Harrisburg: Over promise to public employee unions

Central Falls: Over promise to public employee unions

Etc Etc Etc

To point out the obvious does not equate to casting blame on the beneficiaries. Before coming up with "concrete answers", do we not first need to define the problem?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

End defined pensions. Replace them with placing workers into social security and a 401k that they can manage. Complete visibility to both the taxpayers and the workers. Politicians can't buy union votes in 2013 by promising benefits that won't have to be paid for until 2033. Only spend what you can afford. What an original idea.

Saturday, October 26, 2013