Running for office shouldn't be a joke


It’s no secret that it’s election season, which has also commonly been referred to by local residents as the “silly season.” It’s the time of year when candidates are walking their wards or districts in attempts to better understand the needs of constituents.

It’s also a time when the media is contacting candidates to get their opinions and points of view in order to give readers or viewers a glimpse into various local campaigns, from Warwick City Council to Senate seats, and more.

For the Warwick Beacon staff, the last few months have been consumed with interviewing candidates to get their stance on issues that impact us all.
With that said, it’s particularly disturbing to us that a few candidates seem completely unavailable for interviews. Candidates are neglecting to return phone calls or reply to emails. While it’s quite possible they are not interested in being interviewed, which is perfectly fine, it’s only common courtesy to let us know.

One can assume if a candidate is lax in getting in touch with the media, the same might be true for constituents.

Another troubling issue we’ve come across is the fact that a select few candidates seem to be uninformed on the issues that have been widely covered not only by this newspaper, but by other media outlets. From our view, it’s startling that candidates appear to be totally out of touch with local government.

It could be said that they have no business seeking election in the first place and, if elected, would be utterly useless.

We’re not naming names, but it should be evident to readers which candidates are whole-heartedly invested in the race and which candidates aren’t.

A run for elective office should be taken seriously. If a candidate is unwilling to work as hard as he or she can to educate themselves about local government – or if they are amazingly clueless to it all, they should drop out. Otherwise, election time will not only be viewed as the “silly season,” it will be considered an absolute joke.


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The reason some candidates don't want to respond to the beacon is that they know that the editor of this paper takes his marching orders from Mayor Avedisian and will go out of his way to slant news stories in favor or against particular people. Instead of blaming the candidates why don't you turn the mirror around and you might catch a glimse of reality - this paper is bias.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Why would anyone submit to an interview with the Beacon. John Howell only endorses the candidates hand picked by Avedisian. His objectivity is a joke. It is too bad there isn't another paper in Warwick that gave a true picture of the ineptitude of Avedisian and his administration.

Friday, October 19, 2012

I totally agree with both comments. The Warwick Beacon has always been biased against certain groups of people. Not only biased but print unwanted and unnecessary publicity portraying many individuals in a negative and false light. Sometimes even lying to ruin and destroy

individuals. In my opinion this publication at times borders on EVIL.(especially the POLICE LOG.!!!)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

When Howell cut Cushmans column that was the last day I thought he had any credibility.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I like the Warwick Beacon, wish it was a longer publication. Cushmans column was awful. Glad it's gone. He's not well like in the City of Warwick. What's wrong with the Police log? Afraid you will see yourself in there? You can tell who is against the beacon, mainly the tea party. Speaking of the tea party what ever happened to them ? It's like they have gone a way. Good riddings.

Sunday, November 4, 2012