Save fireworks for holidays


To the Editor:

I read the editorial on fireworks and how they should be only lit on the Fourth of July. I agree with that, but I would, if possible, only allow them to be lit by licensed people who were trained to safely light them.

I don’t feel that this is something that anyone should be allowed to do. Look at the emergency log books that list the number of adults and children treated by not safely lighting these explosives. Yes, they are explosives that, for some reason, the brilliant state of Rhode Island has allowed to be handled by anyone who has the money to purchase them. I am subject to this abusive noise year-round. It happens all summer, and every holiday in the year.

You can be sitting in your home enjoying a wonderful evening and all of a sudden there are loud fireworks going off and that ends the peace and quiet in my home. My dogs are barking and running and frightened. Why do we as Rhode Island citizens don’t have a right to live in peace? I pay my taxes as well as they do; I don’t disrupt their lives. Why are these people allowed to disrupt mine? I drove through Massachusetts the first week in July and as I crossed the border, there were signs all over the highway that stated that “Fireworks are illegal and if you are found with any, you will be fined and possibly arrested.”

Thank you, Massachusetts, for doing what is safe and correct for all of your citizens. R.I. needs to step up and do the same; put the firing of fireworks back in the hands of the qualified and possibly save many lives and limbs of its citizens and bring peace and quiet to all. I am all for celebrating holidays, but let’s respect our neighbors, too.

Pat Loring



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Pat clearly your motive for this letter is you want it to be quiet in a CITY. We have 747's roaring over head, Amtrack Acela's racing through the city, Tens of thousands of cars each day, motor boats in the water ways, houses on top of houses, 90,000 people, sirens all day long. I'm sorry but the folks enjoying LEGAL fireworks which is their right is not the problem. In fact, I wonder if any one of your neighbors have had to call about your dogs barking? Oh yeah I almost forgot about the thousands of dogs in this city barking non-stop. If you want quiet you need to really think about moving to a different community such as Hopkington or Exeter where there are woods and quiet. You have your letter based on safety yet statistics don't back up that argument. This all comes down to you not liking fireworks. So what is next you will try to have the 4th of July fireworks at Oakland Beach stopped?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Loud Fireworks?? Then they would be the illegal version that is not available in RI. RI Law allows for ground based novelty fireworks which do not explode. There is some snap or pops and a bunch of sparks (and smoke). The "loud' fireworks you are referring to ARE illegal in RI and that has was not changed when RI did the right thing and legalized some versions of fireworks. I agree with Michael above, dogs are a bigger issue for noise than an occasional firework.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013