Self-storage unit is not appropriate for Norwood


To the Editor:

A hearing on the proposal of a storage facility being built on Post Road next to Lemongrass Restaurant will be heard at City Hall on April 10 at 7 pm. This after a snowstorm postponed the original appeal scheduled on March 13.

A new business in the plaza would be more than welcome, but an unsupervised three-story storage facility is the "wrong business for that location” – a residential area.

One of the major concerns in election year 2018 has to be how we can work to create new jobs and bring more businesses into Rhode Island. We need to keep them here and help them thrive. This facility does not generate sales tax and may employ as few as three people but if approved would displace much loved businesses.

The increase in home break-ins in and around this area of Post Road is already alarming. Who knows what someone might want to stash away in an unsupervised storage facility? It could attract a seedy element, foster drug activity and provide a nest for nefarious activity. Criminals might use storage units for storing stolen items, drugs, weapons and cash.

If approved, the storage facility would be the tallest building on Post Road. In addition to the unknown element it may attract, the storage facility most assuredly will become an eyesore.

Public access to Sand Pond would be greatly reduced. Every year when my son was a Cub Scout with Pack 49 Lakewood, the pack would gather on Sand Pond for its annual fishing derby prior to the start of school. It was always looked forward to by all and a fun event for the Scouts, friends and parents

In addition to the storage facility blocking a wonderful, often breathtaking view, the fear is that the precious Sand Pond fished and boated on may become polluted. The storm grates on the lot where this is being proposed lead right into the pond. Hazards like pesticides, dangerous chemicals and fuels could be stored.

The peace and quiet of this tight close-knit, family-oriented neighborhood will surely be disrupted by the noise of cars coming in and out at all hours of the night. People getting in and out of those cars will surely be talking loudly, slamming doors open and shut and turning headlights on and off.

Take a drive in and around Sand Pond. See the great amount of Say No signs on the front of many yards. The people who live on Sand Pond and around Massasoit Terrace are concerned about their quality of life and property values. They are not going away. They will not be ignored. They will be heard. And they vote!

Russell E. Gundlach Jr.



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