Selling us out


To the Editor:

Surveys show that over 90 percent of the people, including most gun owners, support some kind of background check on the purchase of firearms. Many members of the Rhode Island legislature, however, will ignore the wishes of the people, including many police and law enforcement officials, and vote against this very small step toward curbing gun violence.

But we can be assured, should tragedy befall one of these law enforcement officials, those very same legislators will be among the loudest mourners wailing about the debt of gratitude we owe to those who form the “thin blue line.”  

They expect these men and women to put their lives on the line for them, but actually doing something in return to make their jobs a bit safer is apparently asking too much.

It’s all about promoting themselves, taking NRA “donations” (bribes) and counting on us to forget their sell out during the next election.

Shame on them for acting this way, but an even greater shame on us if we do forget and allow them to get away with this.

Charles Lawrence



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More liberal BS! Where are the 90%? I have yet to meet someone who actually understands the issue and agrees with this. That must be the number you heard from Obama, and we all know how honest his administration is, NOT!!! Criminals DO NOT submit to background checks. Those that do, lying on their application, are committing a crime by trying to illegally obtain a firearm. These criminals are not being arrested and prosecuted like they should. We need to start strictly enforcing current laws if you really want to see a difference. How would you like to take a life long friend shooting, only to be charged with a felony after handing him a firearm at a supervised range, only because he didn't have a background check first? Nonsense, but that's what this legislation would do. How about YOUR Vice President telling women who are attacked at home to fire 2 shots from a double barreled shotgun out the door? That's illegal and stupid advice from Washington. Not to mention that you would now be holding an empty weapon. The NRA is only as strong as it's membership, which is 5 million now. They're your neighbors, police officers, firemen, school teachers, doctors, etc., all walks of life. The NRA has done more for firearms safety and education, promoting responsible and lawful gun ownership than any liberal dictator who thinks they know what's best for everyone else. When you talk of "donations" (bribes), don't forget to mention NYC Mayor Bloomberg using his billions to bribe and threaten Senators.

Thursday, May 23, 2013