Should it come as a shock?


To the Editor:

In the Providence Journal editorial titled, "China's gas mask future," the writer laments the immense air pollution caused by Communist China's meteoric rise in industrial manufacturing. In reality, America must join the Asian nation in sharing the assignment of culpability for this environmentally dangerous situation. Over the past more than two decades of open trade, the Chinese have controlled the value of their monetary unit and practiced unfair trade practices that have resulted in the erosion of the United States' manufacturing sector. Despite weak and spineless assertions to the contrary, the American government has been a willing participant in uneven trade, while knowing that China has done nothing to safeguard the environment and, as a result, has further added to the global warming crisis.  

In a country that has exported poison toys, anti-freeze-ladened candy, cardboard fiber rich ravioli and toxic sheetrock to the U.S., should it come as a surprise to anyone that the Communists are as equally indifferent to the health of their own people as they are to the safety of the products they ship to us?

American manufacturing has to comply to standards of safety to protect the environment, the worker and the consumer. The Chinese only comply with the directorates of the controlling Communist party that runs their nation. 

We are all going to choke on this trade relationship in the end.

Christopher M. Curran

West Warwick


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Yeah it is bad stuff all around. Cheap labor over in China means people in the U.S. out of work, or aren't making what they should for wages. Not to mention the Chinese are poisoning us (probably part of their master plan).

I avoid buying anything made in China as a personal boycott. Plus most of the stuff made there is poorly made to begin with. Combine that with the lead and other crap they are using. The sweat shops with children. The pollution.

Buy American people. It is so simple to improve our economy by just purchasing U.S. made products. God Bless the U.S.A.

Thursday, February 21, 2013