Heard of Tidewater?


A recently erected sign at the intersection of Tidewater Drive and West Shore Road introduces motorists to the neighborhoods they’ll traverse and places they’ll find if they take the road. Riverview resident George Shuster worked with the city and AA Thrifty Sign to install the sign. “These neighborhoods have a proud history dating back to the late 19th century, when they were developed as vacation communities with hotels, bath houses, and casinos. My great-grandfather was a trolley operator on the line from Providence down through these neighborhoods to Rocky Point. Today, these neighborhoods remain terrific places to live and raise families along the edge of Narragansett Bay,” said Shuster. And might you be wondering the neighborhoods? Well, take a look next time you’re down that way. (Warwick Beacon photo)


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John Gould

It seems that in the photo you have the SHAWOMET Grange and the building that housed the SHAWOMET Post Office yet there is no mention of this important village in or on your sign. We were ignored by the inhabitants of Conimicut in years past and their village signs come right to the corner of Symonds Ave in the background. Mr. Shuster's grandfather would have known that the trolley station was right behind this new sign and that some of the conductors locally called this station "Gould's" in deference to the postmaster of Shawomet, my grandfather S.K.Gould.

Thursday, January 30

You are right, there should definitely be a Shawomet sign, but I think this sign was meant to list the neighborhoods down Tidewater. Not to state the name of the where it is. Like when on 95 in Warwick the sign says New York. Who can we ask for a Shawomet sign?

Thursday, January 30

There is no neighborhood called 'Tidewater'. It is the street that leads to the neighborhoods of Riverview, Mill Cove, Longmeadow, Rocky Beach, Rocky Point.....I may have missed one.

Historically, these signs are wrong and whoever took it upon themselves to make them was wrong. There is NO neighborhood called 'Tidewater' in Warwick.

Tuesday, February 4
John Stark

I must agree with davebarry in that there is no neighborhood down there that anyone commonly refers to as "Tidewater", though many have referred to it as "Longmeadow". That said, I believe Tidewater Drive ends about a half mile short of Rocky Beach and even further from Rocky Point. And I never knew that the trolley station was in that spot which is now a vacant lot. Personally, I find these neighborhood signs fairly charming (e.g. Warwick Neck, Oakland Beach, etc.) and celebratory of historic areas in the city, the accuracy of the sign in question not withstanding.

Tuesday, February 4