Solomon Jr. pledges to cut red tape for businesses if elected


Joseph Solomon, a candidate for Warwick State Representative (District-22), in a recent release pledged he would work to cut red tape and other overly burdensome regulations that thwart the economic development efforts of Rhode Island small businessmen and -women.

“I’ve been around small businesses all my life, whether it was washing cars at my dad’s auto dealership as a youngster, or providing accounting and legal expertise to new businesses in Rhode Island. I understand how hard it is to run a business,” Solomon said in a statement.

“I’m someone who realizes how cumbersome, intimidating and frustrating it can be for new business owners to get off the ground when there are unnecessary bureaucratic duplications.”

Solomon said that he was frustrated by news accounts last year about a company that was forced to leave Rhode Island due to overly onerous and burdensome regulations by the Department of Health. Pentec, which operates efficiently and effectively in scores of other states throughout the country, left Rhode Island after being forced to try to wade through a maze of unnecessary regulations to obtain a “certificate of need,” Solomon said.

The state not only lost jobs, which was bad enough, but patients who were relying on the company for their care were forced to travel to neighboring Massachusetts. Pentec is just one example of a Rhode Island business that has been adversely affected by Rhode Island’s onerous regulations according to Solomon.

Solomon said that, as a state representative, he would work to make sure that regulatory officials on both the municipal and state level understand that their role should be primarily customer service-oriented, not towards thwarting economic development.

“Rhode Island’s government must become an incubator for businesses instead of an entity that cuts off the oxygen,” said Solomon. “I will work with Republicans and Democrats alike, to remove these overly burdensome regulations and get government out of the way of businesses.”

Joseph Solomon Jr., a lifelong Warwick resident and small businessman with an accounting and legal background, is the endorsed Democratic Candidate for the open seat in Warwick’s District 22, which covers portions of Conimicut, Warwick Neck, Riverview, Long Meadow and Oakland Beach.


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Great, another Democrat in the GA, because they do such a good job.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Note to Mr. Solomon: "...onerous and burdensome regulations by the Department of Health" exist for one reason; employees at the mind-numbing myriad of state agencies need something to do. While I appreciate Mr. Solomon's sentiments, none of this will change until the size and scope of state government is reduced. And that will only happen when the pig that is state government lacks the funds necessary to retain "onerous and burdensome regulations". And that will only happen with a reduction is either the state sales tax, income tax, or both. The pig needs to go on a diet.

Sunday, August 24, 2014