Stand up for the Rhode Island Red (Hen)


To the Editor:

As we enter the last week of legislative session, it is more important now than ever for Rhode Island residents to call their state senators and encourage them to vote “yes” on H-6023. 

This is a modest anti-cruelty bill that will allow chickens to move around and stretch out their wings. Right now in Rhode Island, it is still perfectly legal to confine chickens in cages so small that they are essentially immobilized for their entire lives. We would never dream of keeping our dogs or cats this way, and it’s simply inhumane to confine farm animals this way, too. Massachusetts recently passed a similar law and now its up to our Senate to listen to an overwhelming 68 percent of Rhode Island citizens who support this bill.

Our state bird is the Rhode Island Red. How can we deny our mascot the smallest measure of humane treatment? It is only fitting for our elected officials to vote it through to the governor’s desk.

Heidi Carla



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