Ragosta, Avedisian reflect on tentative agreement

Terms of tentative teacher settlement require approval; community trust must be rebuilt


After more than two years of volatile contract negotiations, the Warwick Teachers’ Union and the Warwick School Committee finally reached terms acceptable enough for a tentative agreement on a new contract.

The agreement took place at Warwick City Hall after more than five hours of mediation, officiated by state-appointed mediator, attorney Vincent Ragosta, and Mayor Scott Avedisian. The negotiations had begun on the evening of Wednesday, Oct. 18 and went until about 12:30 a.m. the early morning of Thursday, Oct. 19.

“We learn from our mistakes and we also learn from victories,” said Ragosta at a press conference held at his office in Providence on Thursday afternoon. “At the end of the day this was about preserving a relationship – a professional relationship. These teachers are good teachers and I have to say, the union leadership during mediation brought up a number of very compelling points. The challenge that the mayor and I faced was addressing those points in a mutually satisfactory contractual provision...we used every technique of persuasion to move the parties and be objective, and I think we achieved it last night.”

Ragosta could not share specific details of what issues were finally brought to the middle for agreement, or what the final provisions of those issues will look like in the new deal. The contract needs to be officially drawn up and agreed to by both sides, which Avedisian said they were hopeful should be happening in the next week or two.

One major technique of persuasion that Ragosta was referring to included leveraging the soon-to-be released leanings of independent arbitrator Michael Ryan – whose pending arbitration award would impose binding contractual language and nonbinding financial terms for a new deal.

Ragosta said that both sides came to the table with a knowledge of what those leanings would look like, so they knew what was potentially at stake if they didn’t reach an agreement soon – the findings are still expected to be released any day now – and both Ragosta and the Mayor were pleased that the two sides were able to come to new terms without those terms being imposed by an outside party.

“I think it was very important that they reached agreement themselves. It's one thing to have something implemented from the outside, it was most important that they reached an agreement together,” said Avedisian. “Because in the end, the contract that you make on your own is far better than a contract that is imposed,” said Ragosta.

Avedisian, who was acting as a facilitator for the two sides to continue negotiations on an “as-wanted” basis, said that the length of the mediation process was partially due to longstanding issues between the two sides.

“It may have taken 25 mediation sessions. but I like to think about it. At least now that we've reached a tentative agreement, those 25 sessions gave everybody an ability to say everything that they needed to say – to one another and to us,” he said at the press conference. “I feel as though old issues got resolved, people got things off their chest, we gave people an ability to talk about the future and, sometimes, those types of discussion can be just as fruitful and productive as a tentative agreement.”

Although the contract is now pending and all but finalized, it is fair to assume that at least some of the animosity between the two negotiating sides will remain, at least for the immediate future – especially considering a parent-led protest staged in front of City Hall just prior to the final mediation session starting.

Still, Avedisian was optimistic about the city’s ability to heal and repair following the tentative agreement.

“We have three years to keep everyone together and moving forward. You have your setbacks but I think the parties involved here showed that we can all be together,” he said. “There were more times yesterday that we were around the same table than we were apart, and I think that's a good omen for the future.”

A couple loose ends from the tumultuous, lengthy negotiations remain. One is the temporary restraining order which remains in effect until Friday, which would potentially impose strict penalties on teachers who organize any “sick outs” to close schools. However with a new agreement, Ragosta said this should hopefully be a non-issue.

“The parties, in view of the settlement, are now optimistic that further litigation and further injunctive relief may not be necessary,” he said. “However that injunctive relief remains in full force and effect.”

The other, more complicated and unresolved matter relates to the many grievances filed by Warwick teachers in the time spent between contracts – for what they maintain are violations of the previous contract, and the school administrations maintain are invalid because the terms of that contract had expired.

Ragosta explained that, essentially, these grievances would now have to be assessed on a case-by-case basis going forward.

“That is something that is a bit complicated in that there are a number of grievances that are related to the issues that have been resolved in the collective bargaining agreement that will culminate from this mediation, however there are other grievances which are, shall I say, they're standalone grievances. They impact the individual rights of teachers. Those grievances may have to go forward,” he said.

“But the good news is, in a sign of good faith, the parties have agreed to meet and confer and hopefully resolve those grievances without full-scale arbitration,” Ragosta continued. “They are going to try to do that as quickly as possible.”

There were undoubtedly sighs of relief all over the city when news broke that an agreement had been tentatively reached. The negotiations had begun to boil over in recent months, with pickets sprouting up around the city and five schools closing as a result of teacher-led efforts to call out of school sick.

Despite these passionate outbursts of protest that underscored long-held and deeply-felt frustrations by those in the education community, Ragosta and Avedisian said that both sides were nothing but cordial and professional while at the negotiation table. The parties started off in separate rooms and were brought together for the final agreement.

Avedisian floated the idea to pass a law that would require successor agreements to be reached six months prior to their expiration date – so that another contract dispute like this one could not happen again.

“The worst part is when a situation like this drags on,” he said. “And you can see it's a very emotional process for people. If we can prevent that from happening again in the future it would be to everyone's benefit.”



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Let's call it for what it is. The current school committee stood up for once with the help of current Superintendent.

The all powerful Union with the help of our current (and some say Gutless) Mayor pushed, harassed, bullied until they

got what they wanted. I predict the following. #1 - the contract will give the teachers retroactive pay for the full two school years

without contract. Keep in mind that almost 100 percent of teachers followed "work to rule" during this period. If you are a parent and have a child in the Warwick school system you know how this impacted your child. It would be despicable if teachers were given retroactive money for just showing up to work these past years without ANY of the social activities the children looked forward to.The teachers got FULL paychecks. Did your child get Full teacher participation? .#2 - the contract will provide generous ( above cost of living ) raises to each of the ten "steps" and beyond.

#3 - the teachers will still get 18 "sick" days per 185 day work year Without requiring a Doctor's Note. (Note: if your child was away from school this many days there would be Severe consequences). I want to personally Thank all members of the school committee ( even Baccus) for trying to stand up to the "UNION" . An even bigger Thank You needs to go to our Superintendent. A valiant effort was made to try and bring fiscal sanity to uncontrolled and out of control situation.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Per reports - which at this point are speculation more than factual material - there is no retro pay for the first year, only the second. Honestly, in a government agency, annual raises need to be built into the contract because we all know the government isn't going to willingly give a raise. The list of professions that don't give annual raises is short. You can argue whether they're merited or not all you want.

As for the doctor's note, that is incorrect. Per the expired contract, the committee can request a doctor's note and a random examination by an independent physician. Comparing a teacher to a student is apples to oranges when it comes to repercussions.

And while we're at it, I'm married to a teacher who has been taking her classroom on several field trips every year for the last 2+ years. She has put significantly more effort than "just showing up". What social activities do you expect from them? You want them to take your kid to the movies after school? That's your job as a parent. Maybe you've been failing your child more than the school system?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hello EthanS:

Please excuse the admitted WTU member and proven union shill Bg, who continues his practice of trying to push union talking points. For example, he mentions the expired contract when the topic at hand is the pending new contract; he also insists that governments must provide regular raises to employees, no matter the circumstances.

His statement of being married to a teacher who selflessly conducted field trips for her students should be viewed with similar skepticism. Due to the "work to rule" decision by the WTU, even annual visits to the city library were cut; given the unanimous participation in this WTU action, the possibility that a single teacher would have bucked the union is zero.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


I acknowledged it was the expired contract. If Ethan wants to pontificate on the pending contract, he can have at it. We all know the point of contention was the number of sick days, not the requirements surrounding the sick days. I would also like to see some sort of proof that there are repercussions for students, as he is assuming that versus providing evidence.

If you want to question my wife's dedication to her students, go for it pal. You're painting with a broad brush, similar to the fake mayor's claims that all of the tax payers support the union. You should know better.

And I never admitted to being a WTU member. Keep assuming, you for sure know what that does...

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The teachers in Warwick are an overpaid group of under performers. The school system is failing to keep pace with the rest of the country. When you are in the highest pay percentile in the country, yes, we do expect more from you. I wonder if Bg lives in Warwick? My guess is no since more than 60% of the Warwick teachers live outside of Warwick, do not pay taxes in Warwick and many of them that do live in Warwick send their children to private school. What does that tell you?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

"And I never admitted to being a WTU member."

At this link is a comment by you, Bg9385, that states: "As for my information regarding the discussion that took place at the [Oct. 5] union meeting, it's called a first person [sic] account."


So, you claimed a first-person account, which means you were at the meeting that only WTU members attended, and then saying you're not a WTU member?

That was your second-ever comment on this site. Following that you posted multiple screeds about collecting a paycheck from the taxpayers of the city.

So, either you were telling the truth then and are lying now, or you've been lying until now and trying to deflect from it by claiming you're telling the truth.

By the way, assuming that people won't remember or find your past comments makes you the "ass," not me. Nice attempt, though. You nearly achieved a seventh-grader level of insult.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

So you can quibble over first person versus first hand all you want. I never outright claimed to be a union member. You just need something to argue about and make yourself feel better. You must be a crotchety, old tax payer in Warwick with no kids in the system to have this much time and passion about these things. I commend you for that. Keep paying up, my household could use your tax dollars to fund my beach house.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

First off congrats to Bg for discovering what decorum is, it's nice to see him get off of his profanity laced tirades. You did not make yourself, your argument, nor the WTU look good in the way you attempted to make your points.

I'm not a supporter of the stance or tactics the WTU took in their years long conflict with the school committee but can we stop with the foolish argument the TheCaptain and others make about Warwick teachers being "over paid" or "among the highest paid in the country" please? It's irrelevant. Why is it irrelevant? Because cops, janitors, dentists, plumbers, dog walkers and the guy making your fires at Mickey D's are all "highly paid" on the national scale because the cost of living in RI is so high. When comparing real dollars -actual buying power- the facts tell a different story.

Fact, Rhode Island teachers are the 7th highest paid teachers on average in the nation by actual compensation.

Fact, when adjusted for cost of living, Rhode Island teachers rank 21st in the nation in actual buying power, real dollars.

In economic terms, RI teachers - including Warwick - are paid roughly the national average, slightly higher at best. So let's stop this foolish and inaccurate narrative because, well, it's foolish and inaccurate.

If you want to criticize someone, at least have your facts right.


Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Ah man.

Bg went low again while I was typing his complement, way to show your true colors pal. Enjoy the beach house.

Since I'm partially funding it, how about I stop on by this summer? Need address please.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

I don't have a beach house. Trolling certain people who take themselves too seriously is too hard to resist ;)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Keep paying up, my household could use your tax dollars to fund my beach house.

What Bg doesnt understand is that this type of comment reflects poorly on the attitudes of all members.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Well there we have it.

Bg isn't an admitted member of the WTU, he's an admitted troll. So now one has to wonder if even he believes what he writes. We know nobody else does.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hello again, ThatGuyInRI:

If Bg has proven anything, it's his ability to almost act like an adult, then immediately resort to dumb behavior. As you rightly point out, his admission to trolling makes his words less credible, not more. That he thinks repeating claims about owning a beach house would offend me [while also passing it off as some kind of perverse joke] is further proof of his juvenile attitude.

His trite statement about "people who take themselves too seriously" is likewise an effective indicator of his mentality: He thinks education funding and contract disputes aren't worth of serious discussion, apparently.

In all his attempts to be "funny," he's made himself the punchline.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The negotiations of Oct. 18th and 19th that started off in two rooms and then converged into one was a stroke of genius. And the presence of Attorney Ragosta made success almost guaranteed. He is as fair as he is tenacious. We needed someone completely driven to get this contract completed. This should have happened 2 years ago but I am grateful that the day is finally here. I have stated many times that we needed to take a page from former Mayor Joe Walsh who locked both sides in a room and wouldn't let them out until they had signatures on the new contract. What Ragosta did last week was a 2017 version of the Joe Walsh plan.

As far as "trust" being rebuilt, I can't see how any of the School Committee members can even ask for that.

Remember "the Ragosta Report"? Attorney Ragosta was the "fixer" then as well. The reputation of the School Committee hasn't improved since.

Thank you attorney Ragosta. We couldn't do it without you.

Happy Autumn everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

That fake "mayor" clearly hopes that readers will forget his prior comment: "I don't believe that the parties met 25 times,'" despite Mr. Ragosta telling the Beacon that there had been 25 meetings between the school committee and the WTU -- and now he is praising Mr. Ragosta for using City Hall and specifically the mayor's office [which, thankfully, the fake "mayor" will never occupy except in the fantasy world he has constructed for himself] for the final negotiation meeting.

Here is the link to the prior article where the fake "mayor" questions Mr. Ragosta's honesty: http://warwickonline.com/stories/teachers-reach-tentative-agreement-with-school-committee,128673?

He also continues to ignore the school committee's meetings with the WTU over the past two years and its approval of a contract in July that the WTU then rejected.

What truly explains the fake "mayor's" pathetic behavior is his outright jealousy of the sitting incumbent mayor and refusal to give the incumbent mayor any credit for positive developments in the city; his disbelief in anything but his own talking points; and his delusional presumption that honest, taxpaying voters in Warwick will not see through his comments and reject his candidacy again next November.

It is a certainty that he will maintain his unbroken streak of humiliating himself in his future comments.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Feel free to be judge, jury and executioner if I choose to troll Raven. That individual posts nothing of substance aside from copying and pasting quotes from articles. Opinions are opinions whether you agree with them or not. There are entirely too many points of view that do not have any substance, especially when it comes to defending the WSC. The Beacon doesn't know how to objectively print an article. Netcoh doesn't know how to intelligently defend the WTU's stance. Thornton doesn't know how to run a district in any other manner than like it's a business. He may get kudos for trimming the budget, but people tend to focus on the money versus the impact it's having on students. There are too many points to counter, so I'll focus on a few. You're being ignorant if you don't believe teachers should expect a raise. I said earlier, whether or not you think they "deserve" one or not is fine. They aren't considered merit raises, and if they were, you're depending on a lot of factors outside of the classroom to determine that. How is that fair? A student is expected to do homework to reinforce a lesson. If they don't complete that homework, there's no reinforcement. If half of the class doesn't do homework, suddenly that half is behind the other half that completed the work. That's the fault of the teacher?

Standardized tests. So there's no data to back this up, but I asked my wife how many standardized tests Warwick has had in the 30 years she's been teaching. She estimated about 12. Whether or not there have been more or less, I don't know. But they're moving on from PARCC testing to RICAS, a ripoff of MCAS, which is used in MA. Is that supposed to make students better testers? It's more time, energy, and probably money, that will be put towards changing the curriculum. I don't know the empirical evidence that correlates standardized test scores and success. I'm pretty sure the majority of those who post relevant information on here took the SATs and that's probably it. Now we're testing kids every few years. Now we're changing the actual standardized test. Now we're adapting what's being taught to a damn test. Case in point, her math curriculum doesn't teach the text in sequential order, the way the text is intended to be taught. So it's not all on the teachers. I'm sure there are some crappy teachers, just as you have crappy co-workers. The system is broken, which is the point the union has been trying to get across. But the committee and this particular media outlet won't print that objectively. No, instead all parties want to finger point and blame each other. It's pretty ridiculous.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What resulted in the miracle contract is the fact that the Arbitration decision was in. It wasn't locking both sides in a room. Also the fact is that only 2 members of the school committee were present during the negotiation session. I know of at least one member who wanted to be there but was told he could not participate because it would violation the open meeting laws.

I also know someone, Mayor, Superintendent, Mediator Ragosta intentional setup the process this way. Was it because the excluded school committee member would have asked for more concessions or asked that the arbitration report be released before any further negotiations occur?

The fact is as a former school committee member during the 4 years impasse from 2003 through 2006, the WSC always had 5 members invited to every negotiation sessions. This could legally be accomplished by simply advertising the session as part of a formal filed school committee meeting with the secretary of state and by law go into executive session to negotiate.

The fact an attorney told that school committee he/she could not be there, was a pure manipulation of he/she not fully understanding the procedure that would have enabled he/she to be there.

I believe this matter needs to be fully investigated and each member of the WSC needs to state whether they were present or not for the session.

The entire 5 body committee was elected to represent the voters in negotiating a contract and if any one of them did not want to be in attendance they should resign their seat ASAP.

One last question. How does the school committee send out a release to the media claiming a tentative agreement when a majority of the committee didn't vote to accept the terms from the session as a tentative agreement and when as of this Monday a member of the committee still had not been provided with the details of the so called agreement?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Regardless of which side one may fall on, the damage has already been done. The Warwick School System is not viewed well publicly. Outsiders look at the way the system operates & wonder why would anyone want to move to Warwick & have their child/children educated there? Especially with the School Committee/Administration/Superintendent/Teachers Union not being able to cordially get along & where the School System is not trusted by the City Council when it comes to budgetary/bond matters. These problems/issues have been occurring since the 1990s & it will likely take quite a while before things change & the school system is publicly viewed well again.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

There, there Bg9385. Your claims about my comments on this site can be excused by your ignorance, compounded by your lack of research; not to mention, they're hypocritical. How can we forget these insightful comments of yours from a past article like the following?


"Stop making shit up you dumb mother @*&#^!er."

"Bottom line is you're being a @&*%&#ing uneducated *!&^#% on things you have no @&*%&#ing idea about."

"You're an unsubstantiated @*&#^!."

"So shut the *!&^#% up already, you little bitchy douche."

"Your rebuttal douchebag?"

But you just go ahead and keep posting your walls of text and stomping your feet, crying to be taken seriously. It's quite fun to watch.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

As I was saying, the copy/paste king of the world

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

But where was the fake mayor's car registered in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Why wont he answer the question?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Richard Corrente

It's amazing you call out Ragosta for praise....he is the same person you quoted when you inappropriately called former school committee Ms. Ahern a "liar". The captain this past week published the Ragosta article in the Beacon where he stated he never said what you said he did. As someone who also accused by you of doing things which I had no part of....even when I called you you denied it in spite of the impeccable credentials of the people who told me what you said...it not surprising of your outrageous accusations.

Richard...people would love to hear your conversation with the captain complaining about the workers in tax office taking coffee breaks all the time but again you would just deny you said it. How about your demeaning comments on your new found saints on the city council.

We are all still waiting for you to answer the captain's allegations of non-payment of city taxes.

You have no right to speak on any contracts if you don't pay your fair share.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Brevity really works for you, Bg9385. Know what would work even better? Silence.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Corrente will never admit that he took his car off the registration roles so as to not pay taxes. He simply cannot be honest and admit it. That fact destroys his credibility.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hello again Thecaptain:

Thanks again for reminding new and frequent readers of the fake "mayor's" car tax delinquency. It is certainly among the most blatant examples of his unfitness for office and lack of credibility; as you and I know, give him time and he will provide another.

I also looked back at the letter to the editor that Reality mentions in his earlier comment: http://warwickonline.com/stories/discouraging-attendance,128631

Rather than repeat my comment on that letter, I'll simply add it to the ever-growing list of reasons why honest, taxpaying voters in Warwick will reject his candidacy next November.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Dear Reality, AKA Roger Durant,

I spoke to Attorney Vincent Ragosta and quoted in the Warwick Beacon the information he gave me. How else would I have known who the court stenographer was that wrote the 600+ pages of that report? Please re-read it. As far as calling Jennifer Ahearn a liar, she is! She repeatedly said that the report was "all verbal". After I confirmed with Attorney Ragosta that 600 pages of a written deposition is NOT VERBAL, she wisely resigned.

As far as my registration, I have ALWAYS registered and insured my car. Check with the registry of motor vehicles 401-462-4368. Check with Butler and Messier insurance.401-728-3200. Check with the Warwick Tax Collector. Since I bought it in 2007, my car has always been properly registered and all taxes have always been paid. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to register it the following year. Call Chris Celeste or Kyla Jones at the Warwick Tax Collectors office 401-738-2002. Anyone who says I didn't pay my taxes is lying. I seriously doubt that "We are all still waiting to hear". It's just you and Cote and the only reason you're doing it is to cause damage. Instead of accomplishing some good of your own, you try to damage the good that others have provided. Sad that neither of you have ever suggested a solution, an idea, or anything positive to make Warwick a better place. All either of you have ever done is criticize those of us who have.

Roger, here is a challenge for you. Come up with one improvement for the City of Warwick and the 80,000 taxpayers that are paying the tab. Just one "better idea". I would respect you if you do. You have spent a ton of time and energy condemning my many ideas. Let's hear just one of yours. If not...

Happy Autumn Roger.

Happy Autumn everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


You are a joke and a habitual liar. Your car was not registered from 2012-2015. It is clearly indicated in the city records. As far as doing some good. I personally have saved the Warwick taxpayers over 10 million dollars as of this fiscal year. it was my efforts that increased the auto exemption to $2000. That resulted in over 1.5 million dollars returned to the taxpayers each year. Just shut up and go away. You are such an insignificant liar.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Here is your Warwick Historical registration data. Where was your car registered between 2013- 15? LIAR

CORRENTE, RICHARD C 0 BANKRS 2918655 2009 View Bill

CORRENTE, RICHARD C 0 BANKRS 2018248 2010 View Bill

CORRENTE, RICHARD C 0 BANKRS 2118114 2011 View Bill

CORRENTE, RICHARD C 0 BANKRS 22029726 2012 View Bill

CORRENTE, RICHARD C 0 BANKRS 26035873 2016 View Bill

CORRENTE, RICHARD C 0 BANKRS 27036787 2017 View Bill

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hello again Thecaptain:

Once again, instead of providing his own proof, the fake "mayor" demands that others find it for him. "Call the tax collector's office" is not the same as "Here is reprinted information from the city's website."

I am sure you agree that it is truly the height of the fake "mayor's" pathetic behavior that he would call anyone else a liar after so many of his claims have been proven false.

It's also entertaining that he demands "one 'better idea'" from others.

Keeping him from the mayor's office is the best idea that 28,000 voters had in 2016, and that thousands of honest, taxpaying voters will have again next November.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Richard Correntee

Your evasion to the points I made are incredible. Ms. Ahern has done more for the city than you after could ever imagine. For you to call her a "liar" is so laughable. You lied to me when I questioned the false accusations you spread about me...remember I called you and promised a defamation suit if you didn't stop....but yet you denied you said it. That speaks volumes to your mishandling of the truth.

The tax issue has to do with your house taxes. The fact is the captain has numerous times documented your nonpayment. I would also recommend to all interested to go to the RI judiciary website....type in your name...and decide for themselves your payment or lack thereof of financial obligations. How could anyone who dosen't live up to their financial obligations be qualified to run for office?

If you ever listened at city council budget hearings you would hear my recommendations for cutting expenditures. The difference between you and i is I've been consistent but you sold your principles for your political gains.

By the way Richard I'm still waiting for you to appear once before the city council and make any argument for or against an proposal. Why haven't you done that ever?

Don't remember ever you being at the statehouse calling for open meeting reform, sewer legislation, pension reform etc.? You spend your time Richard kissing up to the people responsible for Warwick's fiscal mess.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Just go to : rijudiciary.com

here is a short cut to the site


Enter corrente,richard

Read the extravagant trail of unpaid bills and litigation that he leaves where ever he goes.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

You know, Thecaptain, I find myself wondering how the fake "mayor" ever thought he would succeed in whatever it is he's trying to do. I don't mean that facetiously; I honestly wonder what process in his brain resulted in him believing that he would win an election with proven tax delinquencies and false statements -- and then, after losing so decisively, concluding that pushing MORE falsehoods and having MORE of his unethical behavior exposed [has he actually answered for paying campaign office rent to the same person who bought his home at tax sale?] would actually somehow help his cause.

Or, take the topic of this article: The teacher contract. It's clear from his past comments that he really believed attacking the school committee, ignoring the more than two dozen meetings held on the contract, and insisting that he would have done a better job at getting the parties to sign a new contract would legitimately improve his image or standing in the city.

Honestly, there's no way to view this behavior charitably, because the apparent presumptions behind it are so bad: He either believes that so many other people in Warwick are upset about how the city is run that they're going to elect a complete nobody who lacks any concept of governance, or that voters are so stupid that they'll believe whatever he says despite clear evidence proving him a liar, or that repeatedly posting debunked statements on a website equates to actual practical ideas for running the city.

What's your read on all this? I'm genuinely curious.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

See Richard,

As an example, here is your girl friends registration data for the same time period.

TRAVIS, DONNA M 0 020006 2985355 2009 View Bill

TRAVIS, DONNA M 0 020006 2083742 2010 View Bill

TRAVIS, DONNA M 0 020006 2182889 2011 View Bill

TRAVIS, DONNA M 0 020006 22054873 2012 View Bill

TRAVIS, DONNA M 0 020006 23052772 2013 View Bill

TRAVIS, DONNA M 0 020006 24052234 2014 View Bill

TRAVIS, DONNA M 0 020006 25052865 2015 View Bill

TRAVIS, DONNA M 0 020006 26052106 2016 View Bill

TRAVIS, DONNA M 0 020006 27051702 2017 View Bill

And here is the data on your cousin Tom

CHADRONET, THOMAS H 0 020009 2915019 2009 View Bill

CHADRONET, THOMAS H 0 020009 2014690 2010 View Bill

CHADRONET, THOMAS H 0 020009 2114534 2011 View Bill

CHADRONET, THOMAS H 0 020009 22042580 2012 View Bill

CHADRONET, THOMAS H 0 020009 23041285 2013 View Bill

CHADRONET, THOMAS H 0 020009 24041599 2014 View Bill

CHADRONET, THOMAS H 0 020009 25043390 2015 View Bill

CHADRONET, THOMAS H 0 020009 26043305 2016 View Bill

CHADRONET, THOMAS H 0 020009 27043432 2017 View Bill

And here is mine. Notice that no one else has a lapse in registration during the 2013-2015 period where you were squatting at 177 Grand View and not paying any taxes. Answer that one Dick.

COTE, ROBERT R 0 026311 2018660 2010 View Bill

COTE, ROBERT R 0 026311 2118546 2011 View Bill

COTE, ROBERT R 0 026311 22043311 2012 View Bill

COTE, ROBERT R 0 026311 23041989 2013 View Bill

COTE, ROBERT R 0 026311 24042256 2014 View Bill

COTE, ROBERT R 0 026311 25043955 2015 View Bill

COTE, ROBERT R 0 026311 26043840 2016 View Bill

COTE, ROBERT R 0 026311 27043937 2017 View Bill

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Well Crick,

One could wonder if the water was contaminated but I have to throw out that hypothesis as I live in the same neighborhood as he and I still have a shred of cognizant thought, unlike the fake mayor. His banter is only logical to someone that is a legend in his own mind. The reality of it all is that putting aside all of his nonsense political diatribe (which has zero merit), anyone who has a trail of unpaid bills and litigation, anyone who has circumvented his fiscal obligations and has had their credit destroyed, anyone who has argued in court that he can only afford $10/wk in child support, anyone who has lost 16 civil cases (pro-se) appealed them all and lost again, anyone who is noted to be a complete fiscal disaster personally, does not have the knowledge, brains, savvy, or integrity to hold any office.

I do think however, that he would be capable to be hired in the city structure. Maybe a new position could be created. For example, someone to scrape the barnacles off the boat ramp dock at Oakland Beach, or perhaps the worker that refills the dispenser for the dog poop bags that we have located in our city parks.

Your thoughts??

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hey, Thecaptain, thanks for the enlightening and humorous reply.

I certainly agree that any position for the fake "mayor" would have to require an absolute minimum of mental capacity and interaction with the public. Also it would have to be a non-union job to avoid giving him perpetual contract protection when he inevitably does the job poorly.

And returning to the topic at hand for the moment, I am sure that once the details of this new contract become known, there will be plenty of opportunity to pick apart the specifics. What I hope is that there's an honest effort to truly explain all of the ins-and-outs of the new contract, and that whatever the final result, it shows that the efforts made to resolve the standoff were really worth it.

In other words, I don't believe that getting a contract signed should distract from what's actually in it.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Richard Corrente

Your hubris knows no bounds. You stated you were responsible for Ms. Ahern's resignation from the school committee. You are delusional. I would imagine she left was because of the lack of civility at the school committee meetings as well as other things. You had no impact.

I forgot you were responsible for no tax increase this year....you are kidding....the city council can take the credit not you.

Do a favor for us all Richard and we'll all respect you for it....stop blogging on this website....it's getting sickening.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

It pains me to do so but I have to agree with Mr. Cushman.

If there was not a quorum of school committee members then how could a deal actually be achieved if members of the school committee were indeed excluded from what process?

Shouldn’t the entire school committee agree before they decide upon contract language?

A little birdie told me that the arbitrators report was in two days before this meeting with the mayor, WTU, and some of the school committee. I was told it came back heavily in favor of the administration.

If that is true why was the report sat on?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Your assumption is correct as the same birdie spoke to me. So the WTU knew ahead of time that they were going to get creamed so a deal was cut behind closed doors eliminating members of the SC that were elected by the people.

One other thing, I dont understand why you say it pains you to agree with Mr. Cushman. His track record on financial issues and predictions has been 100% spot on.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


I mean no offense by saying I hope that your suggestion of a "fix" turns out to be incorrect. In fact, I share your concern that the WSC would conspire to keep dissenting opinions out of the critical mediation session that resulted in the tentative agreement.

Speaking from only my experience, though, it is not unusual for governing bodies to assign a small number of representatives to attend contract negotiations before the full board votes on the proposal. The presumption is that the smaller delegation would know the committee's intentions and voice those within the negotiating meetings.

And specific to this case, I'd suggest that maybe the WSC didn't want to immediately vote on the proposal without seeing what the WTU does with it -- they approved a contract in July, remember, and you know how that turned out: The union rejected it. So, maybe getting their collective hands burned on the proverbial stove taught the WSC a lesson.

All of that said, I am curious like you-all to see how the mediated agreement and arbitrator's ruling compare and contrast with each other.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I wont be surprised if the arbitrators report is quashed.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

I'm not suggesting that a fix was in. When the results are released we may learn that under the circumstances the contract has many positive aspects.

And while I agree it is not unusual for governing bodies to assign a small number of representatives to attend contract negotiations, but in instances where the number of board members is so large that not much could be accomplished in direct negotiations with all the varying conflicting opinions sounding off at one time.

However the WSC is made up of only 5 members, small enough that that should not have been an issue.

During the last great contract dispute that I participated in as a member of the School Committee, we at various points in the process, through a mutual agreement with WTU leadership, instructed the administration to form sub-committees of directors, principals and teachers with specific expertise in areas of contention to meet without the involvement of a majority of WSC members to suggest different options to resolve the issue.

Those options were then presented to the ENTIRE school committee and WTU negotiating committee. No decision or tentative agreement was ever inked on any issue and on the entire contract without the direct consist of a majority of the WSC present at a negotiation session.

At other times we held executive session meetings to discuss negotiation strategy with all WSC members. Now since one current WSC member, Backus, who is a member of a union, has publicly shown her total disdain for the Superintendent and the administration, that option probably couldn’t be used since whatever confidentiality needed between the administration and WSC would be compromised by her leaking information to the WTU. But even if that was true there are legal ways to get around that issue.

The bottom line is that all members should have been present at that mediation session or the 7 Am planned executive session should have been held to present all the agreed upon language to the entire WSC and a vote taken to announce a tentative agreement had been reached.

And I will reiterate, if any member of the WSC had “checked out” of the process and provided a rubber stamp vote to whatever was agreed upon at a future mediation session, then that in my book is a dereliction of duty and that member should have resigned months ago.

As a footnote in history, two members of the WSC did resign during the last great dispute because they didn’t want to continue to participate in the negotiation process and two new members were elected in a special election to represent the committee in future negotiation sessions.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Very interesting facts have been presented in the comment section below. So if I understand correctly, the sick outs, parent protest and barking dogs of the union didn't impact the tentative agreement as much as fear and desperation on the part of the WTU. Only when they stood to lose more than they thought were they willing to negotiate. I was depressed by the state of affairs....UNTIL Corrente received his smack down from everyone!

Guys, it was an amazing tag team effort and so very beautiful to see unfold. What will be even better is when he starts showing up to campaign and debate and his opponent(s) will have a long list of why he isn't suitable. The best part is because he couldn't stop himself from putting his lies in the comment section of just about every article in The Beacon. I am so hyped for the election season now. I will go pull up my chair and get my popcorn ready because it is going to be a heck of a show!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Hello again Kammy:

As I've noted before, it really would take an opponent very little effort to find the long list of misleading and outright false claims made by the fake "mayor" on this site and compile them into a website, campaign mailer, or some other form where it could be distributed to potential voters.

It's honestly shocking that anyone would so willingly, repeatedly make comments that are not only so easily debunked, but so forcefully defend them when they are proven wrong -- and still consider themselves a viable candidate. Among the many, many flaws that other commenters and I have pointed out about the fake "mayor," possibly the worst is how he challenges others to offer ideas about running the city as he's done in this comment thread.

After his ideas have been rightly criticized, he's asking other people to come up with better ones -- instead of doing that work himself. It really seems that he thinks 10% of the work is creating talking points and 90% is repeating them.

Glad that this thread could provide some entertainment, by the way. I agree, if the fake "mayor" has the guts to file for candidacy again next year, campaign season should be a popcorn-worthy experience.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

WTU= We're Too Unaccountable

Tuesday, October 31, 2017