Thank you, Warwick, for all that you give us


Keep your eyes open to your mercies. The man who forgets to be thankful has fallen asleep in life.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson

On this Thanksgiving Day, we first and foremost want to thank you, our readers, for continuing to believe in our mission. That mission – to tell stories and keep you informed – is as old as humanity itself, but has encountered unprecedented challenges throughout this millennium that were unheard of in prior decades. Your support means the world to us, quite literally, as we would cease to exist without you.

We are thankful to be able to fill a role that is so sorely needed in today’s world of distractions, instant gratification and the crushing pace of the 24-hour news cycle. We are able to follow stories as they develop in real time, without forcing narratives upon them prematurely. When other news outlets seek to condense a complex issue into a two-minute package, often omitting important information, we can explore the topic in depth and provide proper context, and update that story as appropriate.

We are thankful to be in a position where we have not had to compromise our journalistic integrity in order to sell papers or get clicks. It is a point of pride that we do not take for granted and do not take lightly. If you can’t trust your hometown paper to deliver an honest interpretation of events, we are in a dangerous place in society.

We’d also like to thank the entire Warwick community. You are the business owners, the educators, the administrators and the hardworking laborers; the rising Eagle Scouts, the coaches and the players. You are the threads that hold this community’s fabric together, woven into a kaleidoscopic display of colors, skills and interests. You make this job worth doing – because you are the stories your fellow community members want to hear, and what we strive to tell. You make our lives interesting, without question.

We are thankful for the amazing feats of generosity that we get to witness year in and year out from this community. From assembling baskets of food for Thanksgiving, to wrapping thousands of presents for those who may not have anything to unwrap on Christmas morning or on other celebratory holidays, to those who simply donate their time, energy or money to the various institutes of goodwill throughout the city. You embody the power of humans to rise above selfish tendencies and make the world around you brighter – and we thank you for that gift.

We are thankful for all who contribute to the 158 food pantries throughout the state and to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank, whose sole mission is to feed people who have trouble getting enough food – the most simplistic yet vital need that we too often take for granted.

The food bank report that was highlighted in this edition’s front-page story was not intended to put a damper on holiday cheer, but rather to keep in perspective what we have that many others do not – it is a story that should further crystallize the notion of what it means to enjoy simple, yet so important privileges, and to remain humbled by and thankful for them.

At the same time, we hope the article inspires you to act in a way that is positively beneficial to others – as we often hope when showcasing aspects of society that aren’t neat, tidy and nice. Donate some unneeded excess to your local food pantry – need is the highest from this point and through the New Year – or donate some of the money you would normally put away into savings if you have a sufficient rainy-day fund already established. After all, some people are currently going through terrible storms without that safety net.

To be thankful is to recognize that you have things to be grateful for – things that may not be guaranteed. This can be money, a job, a family, possessions or even just your health. It should be all of our shared missions to be sure everyone has at least something to be thankful for this holiday season.


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Dear Warwick Beacon,

You are the gem of this City.

In two Mayoral campaigns I witnessed total impartiality from John, Ethan and the rest of the Beacon family. You went so far above-and-beyond to report ALL of the real news and you should take great pride in the fact that you stayed "miles away" of all the "fake news". There were times when you contacted me to get my side of an attack from my critics. Your questions were fair and unbiased and the results printed in The Beacon were totally ethical. There was one incident when you heard my side of a mud-slinging story and decided not to even print any part of it. Staying away from the "drama" may have sold less papers, but it kept your reputation crystal-clean. You inquired, not judged. Your asked, not accused. You reported, not insinuated. You maintained a non-partiality not seen elsewhere. I thank you from my heart for that. You really are the gem of the City.

Merry Christmas Beacon family.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Saturday, November 24, 2018

The two-time election reject, who has used this website for free political advertising on the way to two overwhelming and humiliating losses, is the last person who should be evaluating the Beacon's journalistic practices.

He has continually, willingly lied, twisted facts, and engaged in juvenile and pathetic behavior on this website, and done nothing to disprove the facts and easily-verifiable public information about his tax delinquencies and other defects as a two-time losing candidate.

None of this information is "fake news," and none of it was invented by "critics."

The two-time election reject, as is typical, provides no details about anything he says; as a result, all of this prior comments should be considered to have as much credibility as anything else he says: Zero.

Credit should go to the Beacon for giving honest, taxpaying voters an unfettered view of this delusional, lying, fraud of a candidate, leading to their completely justified decision to reject his candidacy twice.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Dear Readers,

Mark Carruolo, the coward that hides behind the fake name "CrickeeRaven", states that I use this forum to express my political views. He's right. I do. Everything I say can be easily verified and I stand behind all of my comments. Mark, in contrast, doesn't have to confirm any of his complaints, criticisms, and lies because he thinks he is safe, hiding behind a fake (and bizarre) name. He recently said "Corrente hasn't contacted Mark Carruolo." How did he know that unless HE IS MARK CARRUOLO!!!

Get out the aloe vera Mark. You got burned. And you did it to yourself!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Monday, November 26, 2018

"Everything I say can be easily verified..."

False. Nearly every claim the two-time election reject has made since 2016 has been disproven with publicly available and easily verifiable information.

He has also not "verified" that the user of this screen name is the person he thinks it is -- and his delusional statement that "only" Mr. Carruolo would know if the two-time election reject contacted him only confirms his desperate attempt to avoid the truth.

The two-time election reject should be able to state, clearly and unequivocally, that he called Mr. Carruolo. Until he does, instead of playing these cowardly word games, the two-time election reject remains a liar.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Verified as being untrue, you mean? Yes, that is indeed the truth.

Friday, November 30, 2018