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(Horror story set in Rhode Island)

After our granddaughter’s wedding reception Saturday, she, her new husband and about 10 of their close friends decided to go see the “The Conjuring”…not something most of us would think of doing on our wedding day.

We waited until the following day, and we were not real excited about the genre, one of our least favorites. It was all down hill after “The Exorcist.” We wouldn’t be caught dead at a “Paranormal Activity” movie.

Set in Harrisville, Rhode Island in 1971, although filmed in North Carolina, “The Conjuring” is a well made, well-acted movie based on a true story. Judging from some of the scenes, especially at the end, we concluded that the author must have taken quite a bit of poetic license.

Even so, the movie is a big step above most horror films. Once you buy into the fact that something is definitely wrong in this old house, you’ll be pulled into the strange happenings and you’ll care about this poor family and the “ghostbusters” who try to help them.

Roger and Carolyn Perron and their five daughters move into a house in the country and immediately things go bump in the night, doors open and close and pictures fall off the walls. Ghost hunting couple Ed and Lorraine Warren from nearby Monroe, Connecticut are asked to check out the strange events at the home of the family.

And that’s just the beginning. We get a history about who lived there over the years and the number of deaths and suicides.

The Warrens set up their cameras and other ghost-sensing equipment and record the activities, as things get a bit bizarre and out of control, leading to a frightening exorcism.

The story is as much about the Warrens and the effect their life’s calling has on them as it is about the Perron family.

There are a few scenes that may make you jump and a couple that will give you goose bumps.

Rated R with some scary, spine-tingling moments


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I definitely enjoyed The Conjuring. I personally think it's one the best haunted house movies ever. I left the theater feeling a bit uneasy. It did scare me and I really don't get scared from those kinds of movies, it's what I love. I am very much into the paranormal and even if just a fraction of what happened in that movie really happened to that family it's enough for me. I think that was what made it more frightening to me than any other movie was I had it in my head this might of really happened the whole time. I also think it deserves more than 3 and 1/2 stars. I give it 5! Great movie! Rhode Island has a interesting history with the paranormal and this makes me happy to see it getting some spotlight.

Friday, July 26, 2013