The majority has spoken, haven't they?


To the Editor:

In November 2004, 74.1 percent of Warwick voters (25,663 people) opposed airport expansion on Referendum 16 during the general election (Providence Journal 11/3/2004).
On Feb. 23, 2012, the Warwick Beacon reported that 56 percent of Warwick residents (out of only 304 surveyed) favored expansion, according to a poll “commissioned by the construction trade unions.”
Unless the population of Warwick has drastically changed over the last seven years, I seriously question whether a union-sponsored survey of some 304 people is more reliable than the 34,622 voters who responded to Referendum 16.
The people of Warwick have spoken.

Matthew Cate


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As one who was contacted by the poll one question really stands out. Question One was "Are you the youngest male voter in the house?" Other voters were cut out of this survey. How does the attitude of the youngest male voter in the household represent 56% of Warwick residents?

Bigger question - why did the pollster filter on youngest males? It is a well known principle that women are more pro-environment than men. Women are less prone to envision themselves as hot shot pilots.

Results should not be announced as 56% of Warwick residents but rather 56% of youngest males in Warwick households.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I have lived in Warwick my whole life. All my family and friends live here. About 2 people I know out of 50-60 support airport expansion... They all live in Warwick. Funny.

| Monday, March 19, 2012