The ‘real’ threat to democracy


To the Editor:

In the latest bit of Republican fiction writing appearing in the Providence Journal (May 21, “As a CEO, President Obama gets an ‘F’”), Professor Peter Morici warns us President Obama has no “moral compass.” He then repeats a list of right-wing lies and distortions designed to inflame the public into a blind hatred for the president.

One example, he charges Obama “flouted American constitutional tradition by pushing through major social legislation, the Affordable Care Act, without a bipartisan compromise and consensus.” Seriously, does he not remember the record of obstruction and fear mongering carried out by Republicans trying to defeat the bill? Does he not remember the number of times Democrats met Republican demands, only to face more demands, an attempted filibuster, talk of “death panels” and “pulling the plug on grandma” and finally a “No” vote from every single one of them? Does anyone think it was possible to reach a compromise with them when their openly stated goal from the very beginning was to destroy Obama and to make “health care his Waterloo?”

Yet, like a Harry Potter fantasy, Professor Morici insists it is Obama is who is divisive and Obama is the one who refuses to be bipartisan!

And, of course, no right-wing fantasy would be complete without some dark insinuation that Obama was involved in covering up Benghazi and in the IRS scandal. He must have known! Just like the president of GM would surely know about fraudulent billing in a dealership in Central Falls and would certainly be involved in it! And like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, the rule is “First the verdict, then the trial!” And we all know what the right-wing verdict is.

Professor Morici tells us; Obama is a failure. He is corrupt. He is ambitious and incompetent. He countenances incompetent managers, has weakened our national security, rocked public confidence in government, threatens our constitutional liberties, has corrupted the foundations of our democracy. And he gives too many speeches! Anything more, Professor? Did you forget the Hitler comparisons?

Professor, it is people like you who have taken every opportunity to preach vicious lies and half-truths, dividing Americans into warring classes, who are the real threats to democracy.

Charles Lawrence



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Written by another liberal sheep who believes Obama can do no wrong...DemoRATS! The REAL problem with this country.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hey Charles.....Clinton called Obama the 'amatuer', saying he didn't know what he was doing. That's Bill Clinton, from the left. Hardly have to be a right winger to know this guy is out of his league in every way.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Another blind Liberal. They won't be happy until this country collapses

Wednesday, June 5, 2013