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The social differences between men and women


After attending a picnic last week, I couldn’t help but notice some differences between the interaction of the male and female guests. Having worked in the beauty industry, I’d already seen the different way each sex would act in the salon. Women enter greeting everyone, complimenting on other’s clothes and hairstyles. Men enter almost under the radar, not really making eye contact and sitting in the first place they can find. Women talk and talk and talk…a man will either pick up a magazine or stare at his phone.

I’ve noticed similar differences when shopping. For the most part a man goes shopping when he needs something. I mean, really needs something. They barge into the store and race to the rack of what they need and you can almost hear them saying “Me need shirt.” They are usually alone, unless they are accompanied by their wife or significant other for advice. Women shop together. Women walk around looking at everything. Not just what they went in to buy. They touch and feel material, exclaim over color and fashion. You can hear them convincing each other how great something would look on them. Men grab what they need, pay and leave.

My picnic adventure was just as telling. As the couples arrived after the first few minutes the men migrated towards each other – usually in the yard, near the grill or some kind of mechanical equipment. Not a lot of talking going on, just observing. Women on the other hand immediately started working and talking together. Putting food out, helping with children and again complimenting on everyone’s clothes and hair. It was fun to sit back and watch. As the night went on and food was served everyone ended up sitting together. Again though, most of the talking was from the women. Towards the end of the night, the men separated again, now gathering around the fire, standing. The women cleaned up and sat and chatted for a while sitting on lawn chairs.

The conversation on the way home with my husband was telling. I went on and on about Suzie’s new dress, how much the kids had grown, how delicious the dishes were. I even talked about things the women discussed, like relationships and things like that. Finally, after realizing that I was having a one-way conversation, I looked at my husband and asked him what he thought, what he observed? His answer was plain and simple. “Well,” he said, “John got a new lawnmower.” Plain and simple, just like men.

So, ladies, when you look at your man and ask what he’s thinking, believing he’s going to share some heartfelt thoughts and he says nothing…believe him!

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