Time for sensible gun controls


To the Editor:

I am writing to you to express my appreciation for the Providence Journal’s printing of a thoughtful column (From a Gun Victim, 2/5/13) by Congressman James Langevin.
I am proud that Congressman Langevin has been appointed to serve on the Congressional Gun Violence Protection Committee, a task force charged with developing a comprehensive set of policy proposals to reduce and prevent further gun violence.
Congressman Langevin, himself a victim of a gun accident in which nearly cost him his life, was a wise choice. I wholeheartedly agree, while we cannot prevent all gun violence from occurring, it is our duty to pass stricter gun control laws ensuring the safety of our children and our citizens.
I’ve heard too many people and politicians since the horrific Newtown shooting saying that “trying to use the mass killing of innocent children and their teachers at Newtown as an event to get tougher on gun control laws are exploiting a tragedy.” That is absurd. If more members of Congress had the guts to stand up to the gun lobbies sooner, maybe we could have prevented Newtown or even just one of the countless other tragedies happening across our country. Our children and our grandchildren’s safety are more important than someone’s ability to get weapons whose only real purpose is in war.
To all the law-abiding gun owners, we are not taking away your guns.
We want sensible gun controls established and enforced to help prevent further tragedies from occurring in our country.
It is time for the public to show Congressman Langevin and other leaders like him that they have our support.

Nancy A. St Germain


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Nothing being debated right now would have stopped Newtown. You are just being emotional. I also don't understand what rellevance langevins accident has on this topic. Nothing being proposed would have stopped his accident. 'The gun lobbies' are not drivers of the gun culture. We are. Americans like their guns and won't give them up. By the way, Newtown was tragic but rare. The overwhelming number of people killed in this country by weapons are killed by criminals illegally possessing handguns. There is currently nothing being proposed that will change that. ALso Nancy, 'to all the law-abiding gun owners, we are not taking away your guns'. Gee thanks. As if you could.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

All these officials who advocate more gun laws travel with armed security while claiming guns make us less safe. Is your life worth less than theirs? I'll take responsibility for my own and my families safety. Just because you're unwilling to do whatever is necessary to protect yourself from violent attack shouldn't prevent the rest of us responsible citizens who will do whatever it takes. You condemn the gun lobby. Who is the gun lobby? It's your neighbors, your kids teachers, your doctor, etc. Being uninformed and not taking the time to be educated about an issue is irresponsible. Nothing good comes from public policy based on emotion over fact.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013