Time to heed our covenant with God


To the Editor:

In less than 40 days from the printing of this letter we will be electing or re-electing a personality to lead us for the next four years. I emphasize the word personality in lieu of a deity, as they both seem to enjoy promoting their personalities to that higher and loftier status.

The last four years have demonstrated to many Americans that we are traveling down a road that does not seem to present us with a very beneficial conclusion. I say all of us, not just some of us, as no matter what our status presently may be, in the end we will all be rudimentary equal in financial and moral distress.

Governor Romney has been secretly recorded as stating that 46 percent of Americans, over 76 million people, are exempt from paying income tax. No one is denying the factuality of those figures, but he is basically being chastised for stating the truth as he sees it. I believe under the United States Constitution he still has that right. I once again emphasize a word, this time the word being “still,” referring to the present and not the future.

Now it is also factually proven that one in five Americans, 67 million, receive some type of government assistance. We’re talking about Social Security benefits, disability benefits, child care assistance, etc., not merely government “handouts” as many would like to claim.

Many of us have paid into these institutions for many years and do not view them as some type of government charity. Veterans who have sacrificed their lives for their country do not view disability benefits as a handout. We earned these benefits and many times we earned them with our blood. Something neither of these two illustrious individuals can lay claim to.

Governor Romney pronounces that anyone not paying taxes or who is currently receiving benefits from the government is not going to vote for him, so he has written that group of voters off. And he is probably correct in that assumption. Anyone receiving benefits from the federal government would have to have a suicidal nature to vote for someone who seems to feel these people are not worthy of his attention and his inane dialogue and his probable misguided and deluded leadership.

And then we have our standing president. a man so out of touch with reality that he continually exposes his weakness in the face of our enemies. And on “The View,” no less. I didn’t know the hosts on “The View” were now engaged in directing our foreign policy programs. Will he be consulting with anyone from “Mad TV” next? He ignores Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, someone who he could learn a lot from, to spend his time discussing important foreign policy with a group of individuals who have opinions that no one in their right mind could care one iota about. He refuses to take a stand against the savages that slaughter Americans at will but will continually boast of his imagined accomplishments such as the destruction of Osama Bin Laden. This “inane rhetoric,” from a man who never left the confines of the White House but sat smugly and pontificated on this great accomplishment. Not a very inspiring individual.

And this, my friends, is what we, the American people, are left with. Due to an educational system that fails to educate and an ethical environment that has lost its moral compass and praises those who swindle and cheat others and proclaims the goodness of greed over charity is the best we can produce.

We can probably look forward to four more years of the current administration’s antics as his opponent cannot seem to keep his foot from entering his mouth. The way this man has conducted his campaign, the only truly amazing point about the percentage points that separate them, is that the current president is not 80 percentage points in the lead.

Perhaps our standing president should pay heed to these words from the Bible, the King James Bible, and I paraphrase: “As long as a nation has a covenant with God, the nation will prosper, when the covenant is broken that nation will no longer be under God’s protection.”

In 1962 the Supreme Court of the United States began the process of breaking that covenant with God when they banned prayer in our public schools. We replaced prayer with metal detectors, and if our current president has his way the God we Christians’ and our Jewish brethren worship, the God Jehovah, will be removed from our nation, and then we will have something to fear and Obamacare will not be able to right that wrong.

John Cervone
North Providence


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Wow. One of the best things I've read in a long time!

Thursday, September 27, 2012