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My name is Cindy Fera. I have been in the health, wellness and beauty industry for more than 40 years. I have seen a lot of changes, not only in this world we live in but also in how we define old age and combat it. I’m going to share with you ways to look younger, feel better and enjoy life. You know 60 is the new 40! Join me on this journey to live your best life.

I recently returned from a fabulous trip to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. When I was young, you would throw a few things in a bag, and buy what you forgot when you got to your destination.

Wow, have things changed. With airport security, tight flight schedules and fees on luggage, I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the past few years about traveling.

Don’t over-pack! Yes, you’ve heard that before, but now it has a hefty price tag of upwards of $50, so it’s more important. If you are traveling someplace warm, keep it simple. It sounds great in theory that you are going to slip into a cute sundress for every meal, but the truth is most days you are going to throw on a cover-up over your bathing suit and call it a day. So, pack several bathing suits and cover-ups. By cover-up, I don’t mean your husband’s T-shirt. There are lots of cute ones available in stores.

For shoes, ditch the flip-flops. No one under 25 looks cute in them and they don’t help your feet or body. The lack of shock absorption and arch support will place a strain and stress on your feet. Invest in a couple of cute, sturdy sandals. Sandal with low heels will not only make your legs look nicer, they can also double to use with some cute shorts or a sundress if you do decide to venture out one night. They are light and don’t take up much room.

I like to pack fun, inexpensive jewelry to dress up my day and night outfits. It’s amazing what can look cute on a vacation that you wouldn’t necessarily rock at home.

Remember, you tend to eat more when you travel, so don’t skip the workouts. Now, I’m not suggesting that you spend your vacation in the resort gym. Take the opportunity to walk around and see the sights and make that your work out. Resorts and hotels are happy to provide you with safe walking routes.

Your walking shoes can double as the shoes you travel in, which lightens your luggage. I wear the same outfit to travel to and from my destination. Yoga pants, a lightweight, long-sleeve top and a hoodie work great.

Bring some lightweight plastic bags for dirty clothes. It makes unpacking easier.

I also carry a paper travel folder, with pockets, for all my information – tickets, coupons, printouts of everything I could possible need. Keep it in your carry-on for easy access. I include an empty envelope for receipts and ticket stubs. This way, everything is in one place when I return.

Remember to put your medications and jewelry in your carry-on.

Another great tip – if you are traveling from cold weather to warm weather, pack some shorts and a T-shirt in your carry-on. In the event that your luggage gets delayed – or, god forbid, lost – you have something to wear as you sip your first margarita by the pool waiting for your luggage.

Finally, and most importantly, pack some food to munch on. You can never be sure that you will have time to eat at an airport, and who on earth wants to eat that food? Crackers, cheese, fruit, protein bars and nut mixes work well. They fill you up, are good for you and are yummy.

Happy travels!

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Anne M

Great tips!

Sunday, April 7, 2019