Using city workers for school facilities would violate contract


To the Editor:

On behalf of WISE Union, Local #357, Council 94/AFSCME, I would like to respond to the Mayor’s suggestion that the City of Warwick Employees assume the responsibilities of our WPS Grounds Crew and Maintenance Department.

Mayor Solomon appears to be determined to solve financial problems in the City of Warwick on the backs of Warwick Public Schools’ employees. Mayor Solomon appears to be lowering his standards of governance by attempting to replace WPS workers with City workers.

His recent comments on talk shows and in print are a direct violation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between WISE Local #357/RI Council 94/AFSCME and Warwick Public Schools. RI Council 94 is prepared to stand with us to protect our jobs and benefits, and most of all our students and staff that rely on the work we do to prepare and support our schools as places of education and learning.

In conclusion, any outsourcing of our work to any other entity, including the City of Warwick, would violate our contract. We are prepared to exercise our contractual rights to continue to do the work that we have always done for the students and staff of Warwick Public Schools.”

Mary Townsend

WISE Union president


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Fed up

What a surprise. As he openly admits he has no knowledge of the specifics of the contract. Gee whiz, 20 years on the council and he had to be hand fed the violations of other contracts. Because in his own words, he has no knowledge.

Thursday, June 13

more inefficiency tanks to a onion contract

Thursday, June 13
Hillsgrove Hal

Fed up, it's even worse than that.

Solomon was in meetings within the last month that resulted in the illegal proposal to withdraw WISE pension funds to balance the school budget -- contributions that are part of their contract.

So, he had their contract in his hands, recently, and still claims ignorance of what's in there.

This is not the leadership he promised to bring to City Hall when he was elected.

Friday, June 14
Get Real

A typical response by the union. Warwick is on the verge of bankruptcy but let the other unions step up to the plate because we got ours. The WISE Union has been coddled too long. The custodians, food service workers etc. can be replaced easily. The taxpayers would save millions.

Privatize all those positions and the city will be better for it.

Saturday, June 15

Hair Cut or a Beheading.

Tuesday, June 18
John Stark

Thank you, Ms. Townsend. You have captured perfectly the various reasons why municipalities should cease to recognize public employee unions.

Tuesday, June 18

the city has been plowing snow and sanding up there for years

Saturday, June 22

The city is not close to bankruptcy. While Cote, Block, and Cushman are accurate in their figures, the city is not even close to receivership. It does have to make some serious cuts and raise taxes. Lots of layoffs coming. Personnel make up the bulk of the budget. Teachers, cops, firemen, city workers and these wise workers.

Tuesday, June 25
it will never happen

And Dave Barry it will never happen with the current so called city and school leaders and the union bosses calling the shots. The only way is for outside resources to come in and do what the current leaders will not.

Thursday, June 27