We need to invest in Toll Gate, Pilgrim athletic fields


To the Editor:

As another sports season comes to a close, another year of student athletes having to walk or drive to fields and facilities comes to an end.

Warwick's student athletes are scattered around the city like an afterthought. The Toll Gate field hockey team plays at CCRI, the Toll Gate Boys and Girls soccer teams play their games at Bend Street or City Park, the Toll Gate softball team plays at Winslow Park next to the airport, and the Toll Gate baseball team plays at Mickey Stevens.

As a parent, teacher, and coach, I am asking: Why do we accept this and what should be done? The city needs to improve the fields at both high schools. It is time for the city to do what East Greenwich did in the mid-2000s and pass a bond that improves and upgrades the facilities at both schools. What would these upgrades look like? Field turf at both schools. Baseball and softball complex at Toll Gate. Why should we do this? Well for starters, these facilities could be used by residents and local sports leagues. These improvements would bolster people's impression of the facilities, improve student and residents' pride in their schools and facilities, When the field hockey team plays on field turf, I am tired of hearing my players' saying why can't we have a field like this? We can!

Also, forcing students to walk or drive to various locations is safety issue As a parent of a future soccer player at Toll Gate High School, I find it completely unacceptable that she will play her home games at Bend Street or maybe practice at City Park which does happen time to time. For after school practices she will need to find a ride to get to practice maybe with an upperclassmen.

As a future lacrosse player, I find it unacceptable that she will play on a football field that is muddy, wet and slippery even three to four days after it rains. Some of my field hockey players walk to CCRI which last season there was homeless man living in the woods near the field. Is this safe? The cost of the project will be an investment in not only schools but in our city as well. Upgraded facilities will benefit future generations of students, spectators, and residents.

James Areson



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we need a domes stadium so that the poor children won't get wet and muddy.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Dear Mr. Areson,

You're right. But the School Committee (SC) spent their budget elsewhere. I believe we need an independent audit from an INDEPENDENT source to learn where. If we had that we would see what the SC actually spends our taxpayer money on. They keep adding staff to the administration (such as "Asst. Principal of Climate and Culture" and an "Asst. Principal of Teaching and Learning") and reducing the number of teachers. Personally I would rather have the most and best teachers to improve proficiency of our students, than spend $60,000 for a Public relations firm for the SC or $30,000 for new air conditioning for the administration building. Or giving raises to members of the administration. If we put the students needs first, Warwick would have the funds for The Mentor Program or better conditions on our fields.

For the record, I believe electing Rick Cascella, Judy Cobden, and Nathan Cornell will greatly improve the School Committee and make them much more accountable to the needs of the students.

Happy Autumn James.

Happy Autumn everyone.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Mr. Areson, please disregard the prior comment by a two-time election reject whose record is one of tax delinquencies and lies -- and who is still trying to push his false statements.

"But the School Committee (SC) spent their budget elsewhere."

The two-time election reject does not acknowledge that 90 percent of the school budget pays for salaries and benefits for staff, including teachers.

"I believe we need an independent audit from an INDEPENDENT source to learn where."

The two-time election reject has routinely ignored the fact that the school committee published independent third-party audits every year, which show how the school budget is being spent.

"They keep adding staff to the administration..."

This is an outright lie. The most recent budget shows a reduction of $250,000 in administrative salaries -- and a $4.5 million increase in teacher salaries.

"[S]pend $60,000 for a Public relations firm..."

This is also an outright lie. The PR firm line item was eliminated from the school budget.

As a result of his willing and repeated lies, I suggest that you take his endorsements with the same credibility as the rest of his claims: Zero.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Talk about delusional. Dude, the school district is suing the school for more funding. Raise the money from Foundations and private donors.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Mr. Areson,

While many of us can appreciate your concerns, I think focus should be on ensuring the roof doesn't fall on the students heads while in class and leave the fields further down on the to-do list.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018