We're richer for having known Jim Bateman


To the Editor:

This past month, the staff and customers of Coastway Community Bank and many of the readers of the Warwick Beacon lost a friend, Jim Bateman. Jim passed in March due to complications from a sudden illness, while enjoying his well-deserved retirement in Florida with his wife Geraldine.

Jim had spent a long and fruitful career working for Warwick Credit Union and the successor companies, and to many was the lifeline that connected the reality of their finances to their practicality of their dreams.

Jim dedicated his entire working day first to his customers and meeting their needs. Jim often arrived earlier than his already early 6:30 a.m. starting time, to meet a customer who was on their way to work and who had a crisis of some type that required Jim’s expertise. Add to that the seemingly endless evening hours, again to convenience his customers, and you can only begin to understand the dedication that Jim exhibited day in and day out to the bank, his customers, and the well being of the community. All this without a complaint about the effort, the ever-changing banking environment, and whatever else affected his day.

Known to many as a man of many hilarious “Jim-isms,” as we all loved to call them, his never ending catalog of sayings that often left us scratching our heads about what exactly he was trying to get at. Whether enjoying his many breakfasts at Nick and Joan’s Place, or eating his “treat” lunch at the Islander, Jim remained “on the job” and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the fabric of so many lives and was truly thankful for the trust that so many placed in him to come through for them in their time of need.

Few things in life were more precious to Jim than the love of his wife Gerry and enjoying raising his family and by extension, his grandchildren. He truly felt blessed. And I believe I can speak for many employees of Coastway who looked up to him for his spirit, his guidance, and his belief in service to others, and say he will be missed.

So as Jim would have insisted, let’s raise a toast to a man who accomplished so much without fanfare, appreciate him for having been in our lives, and celebrate that our lives are so much richer for having had the pleasure of his company.

Bill White


Coastway Community Bank


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I remember Jim from his days at Warwick Credit Union. (early 80's?). I remember trying to buy a foreclosed property from Warwick CU and Jim (wisely) refusing my low offer. I remember telling him the credit union won't get more from any other buyer. I was wrong. Jim sold it to someone else for a lot more. He was a smart man who was always pleasant, even when he was saying "No way!" He was one of the greats in the R.I. banking world.

Deepest respect to his memory. Deepest regrets to his family.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017