What have you done to ensure this nation returns to God?


To the Editor:

I don’t deem that it is erroneous to say that a nation that turns its back on its creator will then be passed over by its creator. Israel, the truly chosen people of the God Jehovah, is a prime example of this reasoning. The Lord blessed them with more than they could ever dream possible and yet time and time again they failed Him by practicing a variety of blasphemous ways. They even chose to set free a thief and condemn God’s only son to a horrible death. And yet, God in all His mercy, forgave them and as a father with a child always tried to keep them in his favor and love them unconditionally.
These past few days, Christians, such as myself, have been celebrating the anniversary of the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I have been celebrating this day for over 64 years and can truly say I have watched my nation turn further and further away from the God that created it and from the birth of His only son. We have arrived at a point in time where our illustrious governor is so afraid of criticism that he cannot even utter the words “Christmas tree.” How in the name of all that is good and holy did this man ever become governor? Let me ask you a question, Governor, you say the tree is a holiday tree? What holiday Governor? Are you too afraid to even answer that question? As Christians, we have stood by and watched an atheist-infected society slowly remove the many items we, as Christians, displayed in order to pay homage to our God. We have let individuals from other nations dictate to us what we are allowed to display and what offends them and should not be displayed. Is this the America that many of us fought for, defended and died for? To be dictated to by other Americans is one thing, but then to be forced to subscribe to another’s religion for the sake of political correctness seems a bit extreme.
And what do we, as a nation, have to show for all of this tolerance and political correctness? A few weeks past, a group of children and their protectors were massacred by a mad man. And this was not the first of such horrors to be witnessed and God help us all, probably not the last. Our president has embarked on a crusade to make sure this never happens again. His rhetoric falls on indifferent ears. When he promises to shield us, make sure your affairs are all in order, because if the Benghazi massacre is any proof of his protection, we are all heading for misfortune. A gun shop in North Carolina boasted a million dollars in sales in one day, one day after our president pontificated on his crusade and how he was going to place our vice president in charge of finding answers to the nation’s gun problems. I did not realize we still had a vice president. These people, that we have allegedly placed our trust in, cannot even agree on how much more money in taxes they are going to squeeze from us and we think they can solve this type of dilemma?
My friends, there is only one path to salvation left to us and that is to turn to our God, Jehovah, and beg Him to forgive us and restore us to His favor. Laugh at me all you like, as I know most of you will, but I have turned to him and begged His forgiveness and His favor. I was then able to once again defend my country against its enemies in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Today, I am able to write this essay because of His love and mercy.
What have you done to ensure that this nation returns to the God that created it and blessed it? What are you doing today other than wringing your hands and whining for an answer that will never appear?

John Cervone
North Providence


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First: If you insist on pontificating your version of Christianity at least get some basics correct:

1. The Bible was written by man, not God, thus referencing anything from it as evidence to strengthen your argument is fundamentally flawed.

2. The Bible you read is a recycled, edited work translated to English from a translated Latin... thus you are reading the work of translators, not God or even the original human authors.

3. Your devotion to "Christian" symbols such as the Christmas tree is actually devotion to pagan religious practices, not Christian.

4. The Birth of Christ did not take place on December 25, that date was chosen by early Church leaders because it was already a Roman celebration of the unconquered Sun, and it was easier to convert the masses by utilizing existing traditions.

5. Using terms like "Crusade" is intentionally inflammatory and does nothing to progress productive discussion.

6. Your version of Christianity, which appears to embrace only other Christians, is dangerous, irresponsible and offensive to me as a Christian.

How dare you proclaim to profess you know the true path to God or know what His will is. Your words make clear that extremism and fanaticism are the true dangers to this world - not Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or any other body of faith.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Second Coming is coming soon and Jesus is PISSED!

Repent NOW sinners!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Professor, I guess "turn the other cheek" is also a pagan symbol to you? Lighten up man.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

After reading what Mr. Cervone wrote above, you think I'm the one who needs to lighten up? Interesting.....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We tried to return the country to God, but somehow the receipt was lost so She would not do anything. Not even an even exchange.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013