What Warwick owes


To the Editor:

Taxpayers of Warwick: On Dec. 15, 2011, my letter to the Warwick Beacon asked this question: Can anybody in this city of Warwick please tell us, what is the total funded and unfunded debt of Warwick? Well, it is seven months later and there has been no answer by those who should know. Their silence is deafening and understandable.

Dear overburdened and financially abused taxpayers, here is my best estimate that represents the total exposure, which is the debt and unfunded obligations for all the departments in the city of Warwick. In my opinion, the figure is approximately $857,635,000.

Please turn off the lights before getting on Route 95.

Eugene A. Nadeau


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Let's just throw numbers out there to scare every one. From what I read things aren't that bad. The Fire, Police, and Municiple are all signing contracts that show a lot to me because Warwick is far better financially than Woonsocket, Central Falls, Providence, etc... and those people are continuing to take cuts in their wages/benefits and not getting raises etc.. So I commend them for the tough choices they are making because however you feel about them they have families to support too!!!! Not to mention in Warwick do we have the murders, shootings, and crime like they have in other cities??? In particular Providence. If some day God forbid you need to call a rescue, they are right there. Or, what about house fires, they knock those down in no time! As far as the other employees of the city. Aside from what appears to be problems at the DPW, which I believe they are cleaning up things (no pun intended), we have great city workers. I feel my taxes are going to services that I use. I know some communities where the taxes are even higher and for less services! You have to pay a fire fee, or pay for garbage pickup, but still pay high taxes. We have a nice fireworks display on the 4th. I just wish the city was better to look at. Too much litter and trash, especially down at the parks and beaches. The police should get on that law and start handing out tickets for littering!

Friday, July 6, 2012

How did you come up with that figure?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Michael- Stop sucking up to the Mayor and run as a Democrat...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Everybody sucks up to the Mayor. Lemmings!

Thats why the numbers have not been released even after citizens plead for them.

Because the Mayor has enough people like these dim wits to have his back for him.


Thank-you Eugene for getting the figures out, I'm sure they are close enough and these other citizens don't understand the importance of them.

They only understand what the Mayor wants them to understand.

They don't want to go against the Mayor when EVERYBODY is behind the Mayor.

That would mean a lot of explaining they would have to do to a lot of people so it's easier to simply go along with the Mayor.

Scott will someday move on leaving the next Mayor to deal with it.

And when it gets too bad to deal with he will leave to persue being Governor or something else to that effect.

People are worse than ignorant, they are uninvloved. Thank-you for all you do.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

How in the world can anyone be criticle of Mayor Avidesian when you look around and see how most of Rhode Island's cities are

on the verge of bankrupsy. Warwick has been blessed with members of both a caring police and fire department, the members of which want to see their city regain it's financial stability and avoid increasing taxes to do so. I salute all the members of both departments who voted to re-

linguish a pay raise, in their upcoming contracts, for three years in order to hold the tax line. I challange the teachers to do the same.

I am especially proud of the retired members, who are in the oldest pension... pension # 1, that consists of many senior citizens who, over the years made both departments the finest in the state, bar none. Many of these elderly retirees are sickly and pay for their own

health plans, with no COLA and no paid health benefits.I consider myself a lucky person to be living in Warwick.

Sunday, July 8, 2012