Where dollars are needed most?


To the Editor:

“One in three Americans – more than 100 million people – live in poverty or on the edge of it,” according to a recent report from The Center for American Progress.

With bi-partisan support, Congress recently passed the $ 1.1 trillion Omnibus Appropriation bill for fiscal year 2014. $572 billion, or half of the appropriation, has been budgeted for defense.

According to the House Appropriation Committee chairman, Hal Rogers, “The bill reflects careful decisions to realign the nation’s funding priorities and target precious tax dollars to important programs where they are needed most.”

John St. Lawrence



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HMMMM....This type musing looks and sounds vaguely familiar...How about this..

".Principled, irrepressible and heroic individuals such as Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning -- who should be defended -- demonstrate that the primary enemy of governments are their own people." Projo letters 6/25/2013...JOHN, Do you have a relative named CHARLES, or are you now using a pseudonym to pen these letters?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

There are hardly any people in America living in poverty compared to real poverty in third world countries. 97% have refrigerators. 92% have microwave ovens. 96% have stoves. 83% have air conditioning. Hardly 'poverty' by world standards.

Thursday, January 23, 2014