Where’s the empirical evidence?


To the Editor:

The Beacon headline screams, “Panelists predict sea rise of at least 3 feet” by year 2100 and we are all supposed to head for higher ground. No longer are we told that this prediction is based on a theory or an assumption. This supposition is based on indisputable facts as hard as the granite in Westerly, so there is “no argument that change is happening and that sea level will rise 3 to 5 feet by 2100.”
Not a single shred of evidence is offered to support this claim, but it gets top billing, front page coverage as though it were breaking news. “We’re looking at 3 to 5 feet (in sea level rise) as an almost certainty.” Just who anointed these panelists that they have the power of prophecy even to the next 90 years, when they cannot declare with metaphysical certitude that they won’t become lunch for the worms tomorrow?
Why should such fallen creatures be given any credence when it seems they are just spouting the worn-out creeds of Al Gore? And just what do these panelists have in mind as a solution to prevent certain disaster: why, of course, renewable energy projects such as these silly windmills that blanket the state, costing the taxpayer millions and that produce energy at more than two times the cost of conventional electric generation.
The Beacon prints this hogwash as though it were historical truth verified by expert witnesses and empirical data when there is credible evidence that no such thing will occur, so is it any wonder that the print media is going out of business?

Erik R. Thorp


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There is plenty of scientific evidence to support that article. Perhaps not all listed in that particular article. There is no secret that the climate is changing and as a result the ocean levels will be slowly rising. As I write this we just had a storm that probably is due to global warming. The pure power, track, and size of the storm that has not been seen before. Had the track been similar to the 1938 hurricane than we would have taken the worst of it and not New Jersey and NYC. Global warming is occuring, all the evidence has been published by numerous scientist. We continue to contribute to the warming by burning fossil fuels. We have the industrial revolution to thank for ultimately changing the world's climate. I hope you don't live along the coast, but then again if you do you just got whacked with coastal flooding thanks to hurricane Sandy.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

There is plenty of scientific evidence to support "Climate Change." Change is constant. But there is very little of substance to support global warming:

"The figures reveal that from the beginning of 1997 until August 2012 there was no discernible rise in aggregate global temperatures..."


Also see:



Dean F.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I can also provide numerous links. It is extremely naive to think that fossil fuel emissions, deforestation, urban sprawl, to name a few are having no effects on our climate.

Sadly, most don't care. Mostly it comes down to the fear that it will cost more money to do what is right.

Mean while, the climate numbers continue to show the warming trend. The storms, the signs and changes in nature, the melting polar ice are all warning signals.

Alternative energy has gotten a bad rap. Due to biased media, "not in my backyards", and those un-educated on the technology and science.

Friday, November 2, 2012