Who knows what’s happening in Warwick


To the Editor:

So I went on to Facebook to see about the people who are running for mayor. And what I saw is Stacia Petri ask where the developers were for Rocky Point.

And I thought how sad that a candidate for mayor did not even know that Mayor Avedisian and members of the General Assembly and City Council had worked hard and long to protect Rocky Point from development.

Then I saw this same candidate wants to stop expansion of the airport. And again I thought how sad. She doesn’t even know that Mayor Avedisian and the City Council spent years negotiating an expansion plan for the airport that protected our neighborhoods, pushed environmental enhancements, and created new fields for Apponaug Girls Softball and Warwick Firefighters Soccer.

It is apparent who knows what is going on in this city. I will vote for Mayor Avedisian in the September primary.

Raymond Burdick



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The expansion plan does not protect the neighborhoods nor the children who will be forced to play in the stench of asthma and cancer producing jet exhaust while airport officials get the mayor to claim that all is well. It is not!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The mayor isn't willing to ask the hard questions. He certainly isn't going to make any hard decisions. If he won't even have a conservation with retiree's about the same concessions that gave Providence and Cranston a lifeline, he will be forced to continue to raise taxes every year. We will continue to lose jobs and residents and he will continue to lead Warwick into insolvency. You cannot tax your way to prosperity. If she's not up to the job that's okay. There is another election in two years.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Perhaps it is not so much a question of who knows what is happening in Warwick, but more a question of who is working in the right direction. Could I suggest that both the noted projects were incorrect decisions from the Mayor and therefore Stacia knows exactly what is going on in Warwick?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014