Why not empty the trash first?


To the Editor:

I would like to respond to the article in Thursday's paper which stated the reason trash carts were not emptied was because people put their recycle cart away once it was emptied, before the trash had been collected. That was not always the case!
I left my recycle cart out, after it had been emptied, and our trash still was never picked up! Now I'm being told I have to wait another week for trash removal with temperatures soaring into the 90s today!
Mr. Picozzi, is this really a wise decision not to send out a truck to 400-plus homes that will have overflowing trash by next week, regardless of whether or not a recycle cart was also curbside? This system was only implemented two weeks ago. Maybe citizens should be given the benefit of the doubt until you come up with a schedule, in which the sanitation trucks precede the recycling ones.

Christine Yerkes


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I too left my emptied recycle cart out only to have my trash cart skipped. Maybe it was an accident, but this week my recycle cart will also have trash in it in addition to the paper and bottles. I have no other place to put it.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012