Why Romney should be president


To the Editor:

With Rick Santorum recently winning the Louisiana primary, Mitt Romney still is in the lead with Santorum slightly behind. I believe that Mitt Romney should win the presidential nomination because although he is getting too conservative and is pushing away from being a moderate Republican, he signed a health care law when he was the governor of Massachusetts that everyone in Massachusetts has to buy insurance or has to pay a penalty because if you do end up getting in an accident, you will have something to depend on.

If Romney does, in fact, end up becoming president, this should spread throughout the United States. Since this law was passed, critics have nicknamed it “Romney Care.” Romney said, “This would not allow insurance companies to deny coverage because of a pre-existing condition.” Now everyone is able to get insurance.

Romney said, “Democratic President Barack Obama’s signature overhaul [is] ‘an unfolding disaster for the American economy, a budget-busting entitlement and a dramatic new federal intrusion into our lives.’” Romney does not think that this will be good for our nation because he thinks this would be a health care overhaul, and Romney’s health plan is better because, as I said, it will give something for you to rely on if you get into a car accident.

Statistics say Romney is anticipated to win the presidential nomination in June. He has 563 delegates out of 1,144 to win the party nod. Followed by Santorum with 263, Newt Gingrich with 135, and finally Ron Paul with 50. I believe that in June, Romney will win the presidential nomination and Rick Santorum will end the race narrowly. It is said, “Whoever wins the nomination will stay to the right. This is true of every candidate on the Republican side.” Mitt Romney is already there, and I believe he will stay there when he wins the nomination.

If Romney does not win the Republican nomination, Rick Santorum will still make a suitable president. Although Romney did compare his positions to an “Etch-a-Sketch” toy and said, “It is almost like an Etch-a-Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and we can start all over again.” He can recover from this statement and win the nomination.

And even with this remark, the Etch-a-Sketch company could not be happier. The Ohio Art Company maker of the Etch-a-Sketch is sending a box to the presidential campaigns as a thank you for giving them some extra publicity and a raise in sales. Romney’s comment was harmless and the media is taking it too seriously. The media says his principles are to fit with political goals, which are good and bad in their own ways. It is good because he would be trying to fix the country and bad depending on what the goal is.

Mitt Romney deserves to be president.

Lauren E. Swanson
East Greenwich

Ms. Swanson is a freshman at East Greenwich High School.


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Mitt will never win he's a rich arrogant out of touch canidate. He keeps touting that he ran the olympics, since when does that a qualifacation to run the country. Half the time he forgets what side he is on!!!!! Ms Swanson can't even vote.....

Friday, April 13, 2012

So you thing President Zero will do better ? Hope and Change turned into Done and nothing.

Saturday, April 14, 2012