Why the rush to war?


To the Editor:

It appears that Obama has an insane desire to bomb, for the sake of bombing. He is the only one spearheading an attack on Syria, even with the American people overwhelmingly opposed, so what gives? Despite his rhetoric of a strong case against Assad, he has yet to present one shred of actual proof that Assad is responsible for the use of chemical weapons. We only know that such weapons were used; we have no idea who used them. The only bit of actual “proof” we have, comes from a phone call intercepted by the Mossad (the Israeli Secret Service) and relayed to the U.S. intelligence agencies. When asked to produce a transcript, Obama replies he cannot because it is a “secret.” This, combined with the fact that Mossad provided us with all the lies and fabricated intelligence that lead us into Iraq, suggests we should be very skeptical at best. When the president is asked, “Where’s the beef,” he cannot produce it but insists you must trust us.

When faced with popular opposition, the president deferred to Congress for approval, and the only one pushing Congress to approve a war resolution is the all-powerful lobby group AIPAC (Americans for Israel Public Affairs). They have come out of the shadows and sent 250 lobbyists to Congress to advocate for war against Syria, contrary to American popular opinion. AIPAC emerged from the shadows to take a stand on this war, for they know if Congress supports this war, Iran, their ultimate target, will be drawn into a war against the U.S. As far as AIPAC is concerned, the road to Iran is through Syria, and they have been urging us to attack Iran for years.

If Congress bows to the all-powerful AIPAC, for war against the will of the American people, any strike will be illegal. According to the U.N. Charter, the only reason a nation can use force on another is with Security Council approval, and neither China nor Russia will allow the U.S. to launch a war without any evidence. To attack Syria without U.N. approval would put the U.S. in the position of “rogue sate,” acting in defiance of international law, and would make the president and Congress war criminals. Perhaps Obama should be stripped of his Nobel Peace Prize, impeached and be brought before the international court of justice for “war crimes.”

Joseph Clifford



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Perhaps we should first bring Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld before the international court of justice for THEIR war crimes.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The simple fact is that after years of escalating terrorists attacks on the United States by foreign combatants, 9/11 hit the next President, and for him it was the last straw. Bush led an unparrelled attack against terrorist activities, and he did indeed keep us safe.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

*unparalleled attack

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I voted for Obama twice,but Joe is exactly right. Remember a few months ago when Israel attacted Gaza for the alleged rocket attacks. It was clearly a ploy to test the "iron dome" system that we provided them,in anticipation for a serious attack from Iran. Thousands of refugees have fled Syria to Jordan. The foreign minister of Jordan said,"it is the humanitarian thing to do to admit them". How many has Israel taken in? Zero. Listen to the interview that Charley Rose had with Assad. Quite a different outlook. Israel keeps saying that a Palestinian state can only be made with unilateral agreement between the two parties, not through the U.N. How was the state of Israel created? Through the U.N. Not one politician in either party dares say anything remotely against Israel. Their PAC is more powerfull than the NRA.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The President explained it nicely on Tuesday Night. Let's hope Syria isn't bluffing.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013