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To the Editor:

It's been a few years since I was honored by being elected President of The Pontiac Village Association (PVA). This experience has given me more knowledge of the diverse folks in our neighborhood as well as a better understanding of how our government works at many levels.

I am passionate about our historic Village and have come to care about many issues that affect our taxpayers and other residents of our city. I work hardest for the people of our village and my city because I live here and want to be proud of that. Saying that, I also believe that I should speak to the good things done by those who have been truly helpful in our efforts. I believe such positive recognition can sometimes affect those that are not so helpful, by showing that pride in a job well done can give personal satisfaction along with appreciation from the people that are being served.

Pontiac Village has a number of important things going on and I am fortunate to be working with not only dedicated neighborhood volunteers, but also some other people who care for Pontiac as we do. We have been working closely with the city’s Community Development Department on administering CDGB funds, as we have for many years. I cannot say enough good things about Kevin Sullivan. He has been available to contact, personable when reached, giving guidance from his experience and knowledge. The Association has achieved many good things with his assistance over the years.

We have important things going on with the Warwick Planning Department, notably, an ongoing state project on Route 5 as well as the Pontiac Mills Development. These projects have been on the back burner for decades. With the help of people like Planning’s Bill DePasquale and Trish Reynolds we see a glimmer of light ahead. Bill has been honest, truthful and so helpful in moving forward the Route 5 project to benefit Pontiac’s people and businesses, which has four gateways to our neighborhood involved. Most important is the intersection of Knight Street and Route 5. His positive outlook has us believing it could happen. Trish Reynolds is expertly guiding us as we follow the progress of the re-development of the mills. Again we see motion we have not seen in decades. In speaking with Trish we are confident is that she will be looking out for the Pontiac Village on this long-in-coming development. We want this project to be very successful as does the developer. Trish has also worked with and assisted the PVA on Historic District issues on a regular basis for many years.

Another person who works so well with the people in Pontiac is our Community Police Officer, Al Malucci. He attends our meetings and is involved in the community. When we speak to Al about a variety of local concerns, we trust he will do his best to assist and support us. We have also had welcomed help from the Warwick Police Cadets on a few projects. His work with these cadets shows in their respect for him and those that come in contact them. Pontiac Village has long supported the Warwick Police Department, Chief McCartney and all of our Community Police Officers. Our village is safe and secure as a result of their exemplary service.

We do not want to forget those people who work with those mentioned above. We don't always see their faces, but they are there. I thank you all for the pride you take in your jobs.

There are others that we should not forget to thank. Our State Representative David Bennett is elbows deep in the Route 5 - Knight Street Project. He knows what the people of Pontiac Village need and has advocated for our best interests throughout. Dave is leading our long march to a successful completion. He returns calls, comes to meetings, and he is committed. We welcome his support. We can do this together, Rep. Bennett.

One last, big thank you to our all of our caring, volunteer neighbors and friends of Pontiac for your support of and loyalty to the progress that has been made over many, many years. I am proud to be life-long resident and a committed advocate for Pontiac Village.

David W. Bouchard



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Dear David,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your letter. It's nice to read something that's full of positives. The people you mention are hard-working and caring. Their contributions (and yours) make Pontiac Village attractive to new taxpayers and new taxpayers mean less taxes on us all. I would also include Ward 2 Councilman Jeremy Rix. He has worked hard to improve your community.

Hope to see you at national Night Out tonight.

Happy Summer.

Rick Corrente

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"[N]ew taxpayers mean less taxes on us all."

Unless, of course, one simply doesn't pay them and loses one's home to tax sale. In that case, the rest of the taxpayers are subsidizing the city services provided to that property.

This statement also seems to indicate that "new taxpayers" don't require education, police and fire protection, sewers, water, road construction, libraries, or open space -- all things that cost money, and whose costs rise with more residents in the community.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Dear Crispy Raisin,

Wrong again.

If we increase the number of taxpayers, we decrease the dollar-number of cost-per-taxpayer. It's simple economics Crispy!

I didn't "seem to indicate" that the new taxpayers didn't require "education, police and fire protection" as you dishonestly suggested. I know that each new taxpayer increases cost but it increases revenue more.

Simple economics Crispy but that has nothing to do with the above article. Why don't you comment on it. maybe even say something nice.

Happy Summer everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Friday, August 4, 2017