A defining election year


To the Editor:

Many Americans watched with dismay as President Obama delivered a State of the Union address that was replete with populist slogans and catch-phrases seemingly meant to incite Americans into concentrating on “political envy,” Obama’s euphemism for class warfare. He spoke like it was his first year in office and that he has thus far had no opportunity to make proposals or push for change. He glossed over the fact that he has had three years in the White House and three years before that in the Senate to make meaningful proposals and to engineer improvements but has failed miserably in both offices. He threw out numerous utopian proposals that have zero chances of becoming law simply so he can blame Republicans when the proposals fail in a divided Congress.
In an attempt to make us forget that he signed the two largest bailouts in American history, Obama railed against banks and other corporations with his feigned, forceful statement, “No bailouts, no handouts, no cop-outs!” A bit too late on all three, don’t you think? He pressed for an economy “…where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share…” Read that as a presidential rewrite of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” parody of socialism’s bedrock principle, “from according to ability, to according to need.” To accomplish this, Obama would extort billions more from the country’s successful and redistribute it to those whose efforts, or lack of effort, have left them with less.
In a speech loaded with proposals for more government interference in how states and individuals regulate themselves, he had the gall to quote Abraham Lincoln, “Government should only do for people what they can’t do better for themselves.” Mr. President, you’re no Abe Lincoln – neither in philosophy nor in accomplishments!
He spoke proudly of our exit from Iraq, even though he pulled out with his tail between his legs after his abject failure trying to negotiate an agreement for thousands of U.S. troops to remain as a hedge against civil war and Iranian influence. He then claimed the Afghanistan “…Taliban’s momentum has been broken.” Is he blind? The Taliban is 10 times stronger than when Obama took office! In fact, the Taliban is so strong now that Obama seeks to negotiate their sharing of power in the Afghan government – hardly a group whose momentum has been broken.
Obama’s speech was panned accurately by Wyoming Senator John Barrasso in his comment, “The president’s rhetoric sounds admirable but his record has been awful.” Contrast Obama’s theme of more government, more taxes, and more spending – divisively achieved because of class warfare, with the theme of the Republican response delivered by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels: “No feature of the Obama presidency has been sadder than its constant effort to divide us, to curry favor with some Americans by castigating others. Republicans want a government designed to serve the people, not to supervise them.”
Yes, Obama is a master at deceptive oratory. Using the rhetorical skills he honed during his community organizing days in Chicago, influenced heavily by the socialist teachings of the radical Machiavellian activist Saul Alinsky, Obama never hesitates in trying to achieve his desires with the philosophy “the end justifies the means,” even when it requires lying to the American people. Rather than restore our county to its former glory, Obama has declared that he wants to “transform” our country. To what? Something most of us will not recognize? To a country that encourages entitlement, laziness and a “society owes me a living” mindset?
This November’s election will mark a defining moment in American history. Will we vote to continue the slow, steady slide toward socialism and demise of the America of our forefathers? Or will we vote to reverse course and elect a president who will lead us back to an era of self reliance with a free market that will again encourage economic growth and add to the wealth of all? Time will tell…

Lonnie L. Barham


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I'm afraid the people will mostly continue to be fooled.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012