Collusion or delusion?


To the Editor:

Rhode Island’s entrenched fearsome foursome, sorry to say, in the Congress of the United States display their true colors each and every time they speak regarding the Trump administration. Is it an attempt to preserve a legacy of an eight-year reign by a Democrat pretender who served those eight years as an apologist for America’s greatness?

In their eyes Trump kept a truly great opportunist form becoming the 45th pretender to follow No. 44. All the rhetoric following Trump’s victory was collusion from Adam Schiff and cohorts ably assisted by much of the mainstream media. Will Schiff, his cohorts and media now apologize?

Not so, now they cry – yes, cry – obstruction. Mueller took the low road by prosecutors who failed to accomplish their mission. He left the case of obstruction to the current attorney general, Democrats and now crying foul. Perhaps President Trump should have nominated Eric Holder of “Fast and Furious fame?” Rhode Island’s fearsome foursome are now so consumed with political partisanship that it may be time to ask, “Have they been in office too long?” Of course not, they are lifers?

When and if the Republicans commence proceedings against Hillary, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe and others will a cry of foul emanate from Rhode Island’s fearsome foursome? Rhode Island now has online betting, what say you?

Is power more important to some than America? Collusion or delusion? Obstruction or destruction? What say ye?

Ernest F. Pitochelli Sr.



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And now they expect the whole 400 Pages umredacted, which is absurd because this has national secrets in there. We never saw any of the report about Hillary Clinton. I myself am very sick of the double standard of Democrats versus Republicans.

Friday, April 5