Making certain motorists didn’t take off from the road


To the Editor:
This fall at a neighborhood meeting, I met with a number of residents who live in the area bordering the airport property. Many of these individuals purchased their homes before the airport acquired the surrounding land and cleared out houses to support an extended runway.
Of the variety of topics discussed at the meeting, one that many residents voiced concern over was motorists driving across the airport-owned field behind the neighborhood. Drivers, likely aiming to avoid traffic in Apponaug, frequently sped by. Residents, who often walked their dogs or jogged across the grass field, reported feeling unsafe.
I approached the airport administration, and we discussed how to best address the neighbors’ concerns. I was pleased when airport personnel agreed to place bollards along the field’s perimeter to prevent cars from driving in the area. While the bollards block cars, they allow pedestrians and bike riders to enjoy the space. This solution is far superior to having airport personnel fence in the area and restrict resident access. 
While airport administration should be applauded for the above response, several other resident concerns remain. As a first step to potentially providing additional soundproofing for homes in the area, another noise study should be conducted. With the extended runway, more houses should now be eligible for soundproofing. Given the municipal services the City provides the airport, I would like to see the amount of money the City receives from the airport corporation in return increased. This measure is supported by the entire City Council. It also has support from our Warwick delegation at the state house. 
Residents of Warwick are impacted everyday by the airport and its expansion. The airport corporation has told the City they want to be good neighbors, and the recent installment of the bollards is an example of the corporation backing up that claim.  I look forward to continuing to collaborate with the airport corporation to ensure residents of Warwick have their voices heard and their needs met.

Steve McAllister 
City Council Ward 7


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Councilman Steve McAllister is to be applauded. He saw a safety issue and he worked tirelessly on a solution. He succeeded in making the Airport Corporation a better neighbor. He also made a safe place for families to bring their children and pets, and he did it at no cost to the taxpayer! A win-win-win situation.

Now he wants to "renegotiate the Airport Agreement" and get the Airport Corporation to complete the soundproofing they promised years ago to so many of their neighbors. He has the right approach and his respectful manner should bring the neighbors, and the airport, another win-win-win.

Well done Steve.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Once again the fake "mayor" tries to invent facts where there is no proof for them:

"Now he wants to 'renegotiate the Airport Agreement'..."

This is false. Nowhere in his letter to the editor does Councilman McAllister suggest reopening the airport contract for negotiation; he merely lends his support for the state bill aimed at increasing the airport's contribution to the city.

Here is the link to the proposed bill: http://webserver.rilin.state.ri.us/BillText/BillText18/SenateText18/S2064.pdf

Readers interested in facts and an honest reading of information will see that the bill asks for more revenue, "provided any payments provided or any portion of these payments is not disapproved by the F.A.A.," and that the state would make up any difference if the F.A.A. disapproves of any portion of the payment. The bill text says nothing -- nothing -- about renegotiating the airport contract.

This sort of dishonest statement is expected from the fake "mayor," who has been shown to engage in ethically questionable and potentially illegal campaign activity:



His support should not be considered anything but the pandering statements of a political nobody who continues to use this site for free political advertising, and whose campaign is certain to fail again this November.

Saturday, March 3, 2018